Promotional Version of S’well Bottle

12 oz. Force bottle

12 oz. version in a matte gray color

The promotional product industry continues to move closer to the latest trends. One hot (or cold…) new retail water bottle is S’well. These are high end, fashionable bottles that keep liquids really hot or cold for an amazing period of time. To see the variety of S’well bottles, check out their Lookbook. To learn more about S’well and their recent rise, which included a feature in Oprah Magazine and shelf space at Nordstrom, see the article from Bizwomen:

5 defining moments in the evolution of S’well

At Magellan Promotions we now can offer a similar style of bottle that keeps liquid hot/cold for a long period. The plus is you receive the retail look and features at a lower cost.  The products becomes your own once your company or organization’s logo is imprinted. These are an outstanding item to give to staff, prospects and clients to help make a lasting impression. Referred to as Force Copper Vacuum Insulated Thermal Bottles, they come in a number sizes, staring at 12 ounces and going all the way up to 34 ounces.

To see options, pricing and more, go to the link below!

Showroom for Force Insulated Bottles

Looking for more re-usable drinkware ideas?  View our New Promo Products of 2015 Photo Highlights, which includes drinkware trends, or contact us for additional information.


Back to School Promotional Items – Inspired by REI

I recently received this Back to Campus Survival Guide from REI. While no one in my family is in the target demographic for incoming college freshmen, we are outdoor enthusiasts and supporters of our local Milwaukee REI store.  The marketer in me is attracted by eye-catching direct mail as well, so I eagerly paged through the flyer. Reading through the guide, I could relate to some of the phrases and lifestyle imagery of young, fit co-eds camping, riding bikes, and pulling pranks on campus.  They are certainly speaking to the unforgettable experience of college, targeting the Millenial generation with:

“Tip No. 1. You never know what’s going to happen. Be prepared for the unexpected.” “Tip No. 2. It’s about the memories you make as well as the classes you take.”

Creatively woven with these tips are product listings. On the online flyer, the pictures include tags that when clicked, reveal product details and pricing. It’s very user-friendly, and kind of fun! It even makes ME want to be one of those college students again – if only for a brief while! REI is clearly targeting their marketing to college students.  Given the success of their organization, we will imitate them with a similar promotional product listing that can be custom branded for your school. After all, imitation IS the highest form of flattery, right?! REI Back to School Inspired Promotional Products

“Tip No. 9. Studying outside beats slacking inside. Opt for camp chairs over desk chairs.”

stadium cushion

Stadium Cushion


Foldable Outdoor Mat

Foldable 43″ x 54″ Outdoor Mat

Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

Folding Chair with Carrying Bag


Malibu Sunglasses

Malibu Sunglasses

Our Tip. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with cool drinkware.

Color changing cup

16 oz. Color Changing Cup

Red Aluminum Water Bottle with College Mascot

Aluminum Water Bottle

The Aluminum Water Bottle is also featured in this Case Study

 “Tip No. 11 Phones end up in odd places Always have protection.

Waterproof media pouch

Waterproof media pouch 6-1/2″ x 4-3/8″

“Tip No. 13 Update your status from anywhere.”

Cord Keeper

Cord Keeper


Media Lounger for electronics

Media Lounger

Digi Clean

Digi Clean keeps mobile device screens clean

Digi Clean – our most popular tech product – is also featured in a Case Study.

What do you think of the REI Back to School Survival Guide?  What products on our list do you think students would like the most?  Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about any of these items, or if you need help brainstorming ideas for your promotional marketing needs.


Highlights from the 2013 Magellan Product Showcase

We recently held our sixth annual Magellan Product Showcase on Tuesday, April 16th at Dave & Buster’s in Wauwatosa.  A wonderful group of our favorite people – who also happen to be our customers – had a chance to interact with the Magellan Promotions team and six industry leading suppliers to learn about the latest trends and new products for 2013.  We shared ideas to help support promotional marketing projects over a fun and relaxing lunch time event.

For more pictures, visit our Google+ photo album or “like us” on Facebook.

Check out our Video of Highlights.

Click here for Video Highlights

From event tents, tablecloths, and small giveaways, to eco-friendly drinkware, tablet holders, and moisture-wicking perforance polo shirts, we featured THOUSANDS of products at this event! Technology items: holders, chargers, USB drives, laptop sleeves and other electronics seemed to generate a lot of interest this year.  Customers also enjoyed checking out options for shirts, bags, coolers, water bottles, mugs, coasters, pens, and natural products.  We were asked about cow bells, leather wine bottle holders, and wine aerators.  Our answer was, “Yes! We can help you with that.”

Each attendee received the following free samples:

Stay tuned for more videos and featured products from participating suppliers. Thank you to everyone who attended! We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event!

Sip N’ Go Product Review

Recently featured in the Magellan Collegiate Promotions Webinar, the 20oz. Foldable Water Bottle has become a favorite of student orientation, recruitment, and resident life departments accross the country.  Sip N’ Go is a collapsible reusable water bottle that allows customers to save money and is the perfect alternative to plastic water bottles.  When you finish your water, Sip N’ Go folds and snaps flat small enough to fit in a purse, briefcase, or drawstring bag.

Sip N' Go Foldable Water Bottle

While we do have other foldable water bottles, we chose to highlight the Sip N’ Go because of its easy snap closures and improved eyelet strength over other bottles.  Another great feature of Sip N’ Go is that it is freezer and dishwasher safe.  The bottles are made of BPA free, FDA approved material making them safe and durable.  The water bottle also includes a carabiner, an easy way to clip the bottle to a backpack or workout bag.

The foldable water bottle is a creative way to promote your department or group.  There is a large imprint area to place logos and the 20 ounce bottle comes in 5 vibrant colors: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Clear.  Sip N’ Go is an excellent retail brand – watch as Cassy talks about why she recommends the bottle to her clients.

If you have any quesitons or comments please feel free to call (414)831-0184 or email us at

Find more on the Sip N’ Go here!

The Vornado Water Bottle

Water bottles make great promotional products. With everyone going Green nowadays, water bottles are the perfect gift for giveaways because they are reusable, eco-friendly, and just plain handy to have. There are thousands upon thousands of different water bottles out there to choose from, so we asked our staff what water bottle they thought was best.

The 32oz Vornado Tritan was hands down one of our favorite picks!

clear royal pink orange green

The Vorando water bottle is great for many reasons. It has a sleek and modern shape that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. The water bottle easily fits in the cup holder of a car, the water bottle holder on a bicycle, or can be thrown into a gym bag without hesitation. The screw on lid fits tightly and securely, which reduces the likelihood any unwated leakage.

The Vornado is 100% BPA free and is made from new Tritan copolyester (the same material that Nalgene’s are made of!). They are available in nine fun colors: apple, aqua, blue, clear, fuchsia, graphite, purple, red, and tangerine. This water bottle also boasts a large imprint area that will showcase any artwork as a bold statement.

Our Account Manager, Jackie Marcello, is a huge fan of the Vornado Tritan water bottle! She loves its modern look and talks about how people often comment on its design when they see it. Check out what she has to say in our Products We Love Video Showcase!

For more information about this product or to request a sample contact us at 414-831-0184 or by email.

Back To School!

It is a well known fact that college students love anything that is free (and we mean love!). Students will flock to basically any event that offers them a chance to either eat free food or get free stuff.  And the back to school season is one of the prime times in which they go out hunting for these items.  Thus, their innate love of free things is the perfect way for you to promote your school, department, club, etc.!

Although there are thousands of different products on our website that would be great for any giveaway, we have compiled a list of five fun, useful, and inexpensive promotional products that college students are sure to love for this back to school season.

1. The Frisbee

Red and Blue Star FrisbeeBecause the back to school season starts late August/early September for most schools, the weather is still warm and enjoyable for outside activities. Frisbee’s are a great item that students will love to use outside during the rest of the fall months!  The Ultimate Flyer frisbee starts at only $0.93 and is a professional style flyer that weighs 117 grams. It is perfect to toss around at a beach, park, or even in your backyard!

2. Lip Balm

Chilis and FedEx Branded Lip Balm Samples

Lip balm is great for the active student on-the-go. Starting at only $0.77, the SPF 15 lip balm in a clear tube has a  2 5/8″ x 5/8″ diameter and is a handy accessory that will protect you from getting sunburnt lips!

3. Sunglasses

Sunglass Color Samples

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, the throwback shades are back! And they are perfect for the back to school season! Sunglasses are the ultimate college student accessory. Available in a variety of different funky colors and starting at $0.99, you cannot go wrong with these shades.

4. The Water Bottle

Dietary Services Water Bottle Sample

Everyone needs to stay hydrated, but not all college kids are willing to go out and buy themselves a nice water bottle.  The 28 ounce transparent water bottle is great for students and is molded from a food-safe, BPA free material. This product starts at only $1.40 and custom colors are available!

5. T-shirts

Model in Ash Grey TshirtAlthough t-shirts are a very common and obvious promotional gift, we are reccomending them because they are just so popular with college students! Kids just love any type of free clothing. The Gliden Ultra Blend t-shirt is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend and is available in a wide variety of colors. Sizes range from S-3XL.

To learn more about this product call 414.831.0184 or contact us via email.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or inquires about the products listed on this blog.