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Creative Imprints Make a Statement

Are you looking for ways to make your logo standout on a coffee mug, water bottle, or glass? Check out these creative imprints to make a statement!

UCLA crest imprint on glass

Sample of a Mirror Imprint

Mirror Imprint

The interior portion of a glass or clear piece can be looked at through a reverse view, as shown in the UCLA glass above. We take the logo and provide a reflective image. Both logos are on one side of the piece, so you aren’t having to cancel out logos in two different locations. The UCLA blue logo is viewed across the opposite side of the glass in the left most part of the image.

Tone on Tone Wrap Print with LinkedIn Logo

Tone on Tone Wrap Print with LinkedIn Logo

Matte / Glossy Tone on Tone Wrap Print Example

Matte / Glossy Tone on Tone Wrap Print Example

Tone on Tone Wrap Print

The wrap goes around the piece almost completely with a retail branding of a glossy finish on a matte piece. There will be a small gap, instead of it being a full 360 degree wrap. The gap allows you to place your logo vertically. In this form of design you can take an emblem/crest/part of the logo for the wrap as you can see in the LinkedIn sample. If there is something unique to the company, such as a tire tread, an arch, or just wording of what a company offers, it can be wrapped around the bottle for emphasis, as in the Yokohoma picture.

Glitz Print Decoration Method

Glitz Print Decoration Method

Glitz Print

This decoration allows a shiny contrast in a two color design or highlights a logo beautifully. If you want to add a sheen to a logo for vibrancy, then glitz print will be the perfect choice. The sample above has a beautiful, glittery effect!

One of our Projects

One design client of ours loves the matte black finish on their coffee mugs. Here’s an image of one mug that we recently created:

Tone on tone glossy imprint on matte black

Tone on tone glossy imprint on matte black

They sell these mugs on their online store with a choice of the tone on tone imprint or white & red imprint on matte black. Now if that doesn’t make a statement, then I don’t know what does! What is your favorite imprint method?

For More Information

There are multiple water bottles, travel mugs, ceramic mugs in a variety of finish types.  A few that we like include:

Need a specific idea? Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll present options for you to review.

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Much More than Tchotchkes.

Tchotchkes. Trinkets. Trash. Swag. Promotional products go by so many names.  The power of promotional products is much greater than just the “stuff.”  Promotional products can motivate, recognize, brand, appreciate, communicate, and start a relationship. With over 83% of people saying that they like receiving promotional items, this is truly a marketing medium that is here to stay – whatever you decide to call it.

In terms of media sales, promotional items are an $18 billion industry that is growing. In 2012 sales were up 4.4%, reaching the highest level in five years and the third-best year ever. UPDATE – Last year sales reached the $19.8 Billion mark, making it the industry’s best year ever!!

While it’s smaller than other media types, as indicated in the chart below, promotional products are an effective part of any marketing mix.

Media Sales Comparison chart

Source: Promotional Products Business Magazine, May 2013
Sales shown in $ Billions

Promotional items can easily be integrated with other forms of media, such as product placement, event marketing, and direct mail – just to name a few.  Look at this brief list of examples:

Product placement

  • Coca Cola Cups used by American Idol Judges
  • Coffee mug used by local news anchor
  • Apparel  worn for TV / video appearance
  • Banners placed for best camera angles

Event Marketing

Direct Mail

Gain higher response rates when including a direct mail premium.  In a Silver Marketing Group Study, the direct mail piece that included a promotional item increased response rates by 50%.  In addition, the direct mail piece that featured an offer for a promotional item increased response rates by 400%, when compared to a letter only.  Some ideas to consider:

  • Three-dimensional mailing with a promotional item
  • Larger size or colorful direct mail piece with an offer of a promotional item
  • Encourage visiting your booth at event – for example send ½ of a pen and receive the other ½ at the booth

As with any successful marketing campaign, it’s essential to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.  A relevant and useful promotional item can reinforce a marketing message to your audience.  Repeat exposure increases the likelihood of recall, which can ultimately lead to action.  PPAI research shows that more purchases are made after a consumer receives a promotional product than after viewing a TV, print, or online ad.  Promotional items stay in front of your target audience to help close the deal.

When planning to buy promotional items, be sure that it is tied into a plan.  Too often promotional items become an afterthought, which can limit its effectiveness of reinforcing a brand’s message.  Rely on an experience promotional consultant, who will understand overall objectives and the target audience to select a useful item that will be appreciated.  We at Magellan Collegiate Promotions are here to help make promotional marketing work in tandem with existing efforts to help rise above the stigma of “trinkets and trash.”  Contact us for ideas on more than just tchotchkes.

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Product Highlights: New Technology Items

As a follow up to Highlights of the 2013 Product Showcase post, we’ll be featuring a series of videos from the industry-leading suppliers who joined us at Dave & Buster’s for a great customer event. This will give you a chance to feel like you WERE there, as we share video and information about exciting new products.

In the first Product Highlight post, we shared a video featuring gel pens, unique custom drinkware, infuser tumblers, and a folding golf umbrella.

In the second Product Highlight post, we featured new trends in performance polo shirts that are snag-resistant and moisture-wicking, while still being more affordable than ever.

In the third Product Highlight post, we discussed the 1960’s neo retro trend in messenger bags and the Bobble Water Bottle.

For this edition, we will hear from Craig Gengler of HIT Promotional Products, who will share information on new technology items and food storage containers.

Featured technology items include:

As the fastest growing category in the promotional marketing industry, technology items generated a lot of interest at this year’s event. Many tech products are ideal items for  students attending college fairs, campus visits, or orientation sessions. For more tech ideas, take a look at our DigiClean case study, read our top products blog post, or browse through our technology product catalog online.

Finally, Craig talked about another green trend that helps save money while being environmentally conscious: packing your lunch.  Convenient food storage containers make it easy to pack a salad with a removable dressing container and storage slot for a fork.  Pack it in an insulated lunch bag and you’re ready to dine on the go.

Stay tuned for our final product highlight installment including: Tide to Go and WD 40 pens, branded chocolate, coaster stones, and MORE! For any questions regarding any of these products, please feel free to comment or contact us directly.

Latest Trends in Marketing to Gen Y: Prezi Download

Creating engagement with students is harder than ever.

Increased competition in higher education and the lightning speed at which technology changes has made finding the right messages and portals to reach students extremely important.  With the incredible amount of advertising that we are all exposed to on a daily basis, many people are self-trained to stay away from most marketing messages.

The challenge: Find out what marketing IS working in order to best to reach your prospective AND current students.

With Generation Y (and upcoming Gen Z) being the most tech savvy generation(s) ever, it is essential to understand the latest trends and technology tools for effective marketing plans.

In this presentation (given at the IACAC conference in Sioux City, Iowa), we focus on:

  1. Latest market research on Generation Y and Gen Z  
  2. Gen Y Marketing
  3. Social media trends and tools: Facebook, Twitter, Image Powered Platforms

View Prezi

How do you effectively market to Generation Y and Z?  What do you think of the latest features in social media platforms?


Promotional Products v. The Tootsie Roll Pop

Tootsie Roll Cartoon Owl

Although the world may never know how may licks it takes
to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop,
we do know that it would take a very long time.

Why Promotional Products Are Important To Higher Education Part 2:

The Tootsie Roll Pop Paradigm

As we have discussed before, promotional products are very important to higher education for many reasons — one of which is that they are implied endorsements.  Going off of the notion of endorsements, another reason why promotional products are so important to higher education is because they are long lasting.  And while the idea of a long lasting product doesn’t sound quite as catchy as implied endorsements does and it is not an earth shattering innovative idea in and of itself, it is extremely relevant and differentiating.

Promotional products come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, etc.  Things like t-shirts, backpacks, water bottles, calendars, sunglasses, and even pizza cutters are all popular promotional products that colleges and universities consistently tend to distribute.  These simple, yet handy items (that also display your school’s logo for everyone to see) are used by students on a daily basis, over a long period of time.

Thus your advertising becomes long lasting.

Unlike a short-lived and usually ignored TV commercial, newspaper or magazine advertisement, or obnoxious pop up window on your favorite website, promotional products are used and last longer than any other form of advertising.  They become 3-Dimensional advertising vehicles for your higher education institution.  A good promotional product will potentially stay with a student from the moment they get it, to the time they move into their first house, and into the next couple of years after that.

A useful product given to a student will typically be used and reused by that student until it either breaks or falls apart and can no longer be taped together or super glued shut.  Because students tend to utilize these promotional items for whatever purposes they can figure out, the item — and the promotional imprint on the item — become very important.

Continuous, long lasting advertisements.

Take for example, the yellow foam media holder in the shape of a La-Z-Boy chair that we developed with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Numbers to residence hall security, the campus police, BOSS, and the student health center were all printed on the back of the chair.  Incoming freshman living in the Sandburg Residence halls were all given these media holders upon moving in.  Many students have said that they took their chair-shaped cell phone holders with them when they moved out of the dorms.  Today, you can probably find students that still use these silly yellow foam chairs in their houses or apartments as a convenient holder for their cell phones.

Promotional products are important to higher education because they help promote and advertise a higher educational institution over a long period of time while also acting as a useful product for students to take advantage of.  It’s a win-win situation.

One great product that many schools are starting to utilize is the Media Lounger — it is like an updated, sleeker version of the media holder that we helped develope for UWM.  The lounger holds any media device in an upright position so you can see the screen.  The imprint area is on the bottom and can be seen while the device is being used!  It is a great place to showcase your school’s logo, website URL, or contact information, and will be used by your students for years to come!

Three Examples of Media Loungers