Easy to Love – New Promotional Products

Account Managers Paige and Elise recently attended a new product showcase, where they discovered some new and fun promotional items. Here’s what caught their eye:

Color Engraved Titanium Items

These are beautifully designed, durable promotional items. A laser printing process delivers brilliant, shimmering colors on either stock or custom shapes.  Personalization is also available, making this an ideal gift item. All products are USA Made.

Suggested Uses:

  • Handout at events
  • Recognize volunteers

Sample Guitar and Car Titanium Promotional Items

Check out the wide range of items and options!

Color Titanium gifts design samples

More sample Color Titanium Items

Shimmering colors on Titanium Promo Item

Look at the cool, reflective imprint

Full Color Imprint Phone Stand

Although it has a restaurant theme imprint, the options are endless for this full color phone stand.  It is made of a rigid styrene material with a securely attached plastic kickstand that folds flat. Custom shapes are available, so you could really get creative with this item!

Suggested uses:

  •  Students or Alumni
    • Imprint an athletic schedule
    • Imprint a campus mascot or scene from campus
    • Fold down the kickstand to include in a mailing
  • High School Counselors / Referral Sources
    • Imprint important dates, contact information
full color imprint phone stand

Ideal for any desk or table top surface

Collegiate Mascot on Phone Stand

The Cal Mascot looks sharp on this phone stand sample.

Silly Band Type Bracelets

Silly Bands, or Squiggles are perfect for any event that includes children and families.  Six rubber bands come packaged in a poly-bag with a full color marketing card. Kids love collecting and trading these bands!

Choose from six themes or ask about creating your own custom shape.

  • Dinosaurs
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Sea Creatures
  • Transportation
  • Insects
  • Dental
  • Fruit
  • Animals

Suggested uses:

  • State Fair or expo booth promotional item
  • Family-friendly company picnic
  • Customer appreciation event
Silly Bands

Kids will love these silly band shapes.

Cold Weather Ideas

As summer turns to fall, we are all starting to bundle up more. This new Microboa Sherpa Blanket would be an appreciated gift for staying warm and cozy! It includes a carrying bag.  Decorate with your logo to promote your brand.

Suggested uses:

  • Employee Appreciation
  • Gift for speakers at a conference or event
Warm Microboa Sherpa Blanket

Customer will gladly cozy up with this Microboa Sherpa Blanket

From this same partner comes these custom imprinted sweatshirt blankets.  We have run these for collegiate clients, and they were very well received.  The packaging and presentation is especially nice, rolled and wrapped up with a label that includes an image of the blanket’s design.  This means you won’t have recipients immediately unrolling the blanket to see what’s imprinted.  Available in 28 different colors.

sweatshirt blanket rolled and labeled

Attractive presentation means it’s easy to handout or mail these sweatshirt blankets right away!

Custom Shaped Post-it Notes

Last but not least, custom shaped Post-it Notes grabbed Elise’s attention.  Who wouldn’t love a state shaped or mascot shaped note pad?  They are fun and useful promotional items.

fun custom shaped post it notes

Make your own custom shaped Post-it!

Which new items do you love most? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or give us a call for more information at 414-831-0184.

How to Guide: Integrate Promotional Products into Events for Colleges

Events are a mainstay of college recruiting.

College fairs, open houses, campus tours, alumni receptions, community events, state fairs, athletics, concerts, fundraising run/walks are just a few events that come to mind.

Any event is an opportunity for people to interact with your brand.  It may be an introduction to your school for prospective students or a type of homecoming for alumni and friends.  At any rate, it is a way to connect with an audience in a fun and exciting way.

Like peanut butter and jelly, promotional items and events are a classic combination.  It seems that every event has a table with a long line of people standing around waiting for some “cool” giveaway. This is one form of marketing that easily draws a crowd or directs traffic to your area when someone asks, “Where did you get that?”

Once at the display, students or parents will often willingly provide contact information, fill out a form, or take a brief survey in exchange for a promotional item, or for entry into a drawing for a bigger ticket item. One item we like for events is the Music Download Card because it can help drive website traffic after the event and capture additional information. This is valuable marketing data that can often be used for subsequent lead nurturing activities.

One example of an event that we’ve supported is University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM) Day at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Notice how well the yellow shirts and visors stand out in the video. T-shirts, temporary tattoos, sunglasses and visors were some of the promotional items that we provided. Look for fun, bright school colors (or in this case, one main color) to unify the look of people in the crowd.  Places for photo opportunities – either with the mascot or in the tunnel – are also popular.  Make sure your school’s brand name will be in the frame, as pictures are commonly shared via social media.

In addition to the experience at the event, giveaways have a longer-lasting effect as a tangible item that represents a memory of that experience.  In telling friends and family about their time at the State Fair, they can pick up their t-shirt or sunglasses, and say, “Look what I got from UWM.”  This is true word-of-mouth marketing, creating a favorable image for promo item recipient and his or her own network.  Similarly, whenever anyone wears a UWM item after the actual event, or shares a picture at the event on social media, a larger audience is exposed to the school’s brand.

Given that promotional items serve as a reminder of a brand experience, it’s important to select an appropriate item.  We recommend advance planning with an experienced promotional consultant, who can help brainstorm items and share success stories from other colleges and universities.  From the initial brainstorm, select a few items to review internally to help choose the best options.

For more event planning resources, including product ideas and case studies, visit Raise Awareness, or Campus Tour Ideas. We are here to support your event planning needs – simply contact us to get started.

Happy event planning!

Back to School Promotional Items – Inspired by REI

I recently received this Back to Campus Survival Guide from REI. While no one in my family is in the target demographic for incoming college freshmen, we are outdoor enthusiasts and supporters of our local Milwaukee REI store.  The marketer in me is attracted by eye-catching direct mail as well, so I eagerly paged through the flyer. Reading through the guide, I could relate to some of the phrases and lifestyle imagery of young, fit co-eds camping, riding bikes, and pulling pranks on campus.  They are certainly speaking to the unforgettable experience of college, targeting the Millenial generation with:

“Tip No. 1. You never know what’s going to happen. Be prepared for the unexpected.” “Tip No. 2. It’s about the memories you make as well as the classes you take.”

Creatively woven with these tips are product listings. On the online flyer, the pictures include tags that when clicked, reveal product details and pricing. It’s very user-friendly, and kind of fun! It even makes ME want to be one of those college students again – if only for a brief while! REI is clearly targeting their marketing to college students.  Given the success of their organization, we will imitate them with a similar promotional product listing that can be custom branded for your school. After all, imitation IS the highest form of flattery, right?! REI Back to School Inspired Promotional Products

“Tip No. 9. Studying outside beats slacking inside. Opt for camp chairs over desk chairs.”

stadium cushion

Stadium Cushion


Foldable Outdoor Mat

Foldable 43″ x 54″ Outdoor Mat

Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

Folding Chair with Carrying Bag


Malibu Sunglasses

Malibu Sunglasses

Our Tip. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with cool drinkware.

Color changing cup

16 oz. Color Changing Cup

Red Aluminum Water Bottle with College Mascot

Aluminum Water Bottle

The Aluminum Water Bottle is also featured in this Case Study

 “Tip No. 11 Phones end up in odd places Always have protection.

Waterproof media pouch

Waterproof media pouch 6-1/2″ x 4-3/8″

“Tip No. 13 Update your status from anywhere.”

Cord Keeper

Cord Keeper


Media Lounger for electronics

Media Lounger

Digi Clean

Digi Clean keeps mobile device screens clean

Digi Clean – our most popular tech product – is also featured in a Case Study.

What do you think of the REI Back to School Survival Guide?  What products on our list do you think students would like the most?  Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about any of these items, or if you need help brainstorming ideas for your promotional marketing needs.