Higher Ed Web Messenger Bags Case Study

Client – Higher Ed Web Conference

Task – Create a personalized messenger bag


Conference attendees with their bags

Higher Ed Web, an annual conference for website collegiate professionals, was looking for a bag to give to attendees that would stand out from the rest. Since they have a large number of attendees (around 550) and we started on the project early enough, we decided to make the bags overseas. What this allowed us to do was create the bag from scratch. So we took an existing bag, improved the internal organizer, changed the product colors to match the conference colors, added a padded strap and an external bottle holder. Since we ran the bag overseas, we were able to print the logo over the entire front of the bag, making for a retail look.
The result was a bag that looked unique and striking, was extremely functional and came in under budget. The attendees loved the bags,  leading to the tweet below a couple of weeks after the conference:

“The computer bags handed out at #HEWeb11 were one of the best, most functional giveaways of any conference!”