Lakefront Brewery – Fully Custom Imprinted T-shirts


Lakefront Brewery, a Milwaukee based micro-brewery, came to us after seeing some t-shirts that had full edge-to-edge imprinting.  They had a general idea of what they were looking for and worked with our designers to produce the t-shirt pictured above.

The end product is a unique edge-to-edge imprinted t-shirt (the t-shirt is 100% polyester and moisture wicking).  This method of all-over printing produces a very retail and striking look.  Traditionally, edge-to-edge printing was done in high quantities overseas.  Now we can run this type of printing in short runs at a reasonable price.

So instead of just having a logo printed across the center, we can be really creative and use the entire shirt as a canvas.

This is a great option for companies, schools, fundraisers, teams, etc., that are looking for a unique and creative look.

Lakefront Brewery – Organic T-shirts

Lakefront Brewery recently decided to step-up the promoting of their organic beer (the first registered organic beer on the market). We suggested a 100% organic t-shirt that is printed with a eco-friendly water based four color printing process.

Using this printing process, we were able to supply an all-around eco-friendly product that showcases the Lakefront Organic Beer logo on the front of the t-shirt. Lakefront Brewery started selling these t-shirts in their gift shop and it has been a popular product for them.