Promotional products are commonly viewed as the advertising vehicle that starts a relationship. When integrated with other marketing campaign elements, promotional products raise awareness, positive attitudes, credibility, and referrals.

Promotional products can be extremely targeted to lifestyle, needs, values, and aspirations, so you can select an item that is personalized, useful and relevant, while still being brand-related. When integrated with other media, the promotional product serves as a reminder of your brand and promotes an emotional connection with your brand and school.  As you are well aware, choosing a school is an important (and sometimes emotional) process, so it is critical to build trust and credibility with prospective students and their families.

Promotional Products Deliver Results

Recent research from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) shows the effectiveness of promotional products.  Survey respondents indicated the following:

High Recall   83% could recall the advertiser on a promotional product (15 – 50% higher than other media types)
Promote Goodwill    59% had a more favorable impression of that organization after receiving a promotional item.
Engagement   53% of customers use promotional products once a week or more
Longevity   81% of promotional products are kept because of usefulness

Comparisons to Other Media: Reach & Recall

Advertising Recall Comparison

Promotional Products Generate Response

More purchases are made after a consumer receives a promotional product than after viewing a TV, print, or online ad. A “purchase” could also be viewed as a desired action in higher education: making an inquiry, taking a campus tour, completing an application, submitting a deposit, or committing to enroll.

Want to learn more about why Promotional Products Work?

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