Promotional Products v. The Tootsie Roll Pop

Tootsie Roll Cartoon Owl

Although the world may never know how may licks it takes
to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop,
we do know that it would take a very long time.

Why Promotional Products Are Important To Higher Education Part 2:

The Tootsie Roll Pop Paradigm

As we have discussed before, promotional products are very important to higher education for many reasons — one of which is that they are implied endorsements.  Going off of the notion of endorsements, another reason why promotional products are so important to higher education is because they are long lasting.  And while the idea of a long lasting product doesn’t sound quite as catchy as implied endorsements does and it is not an earth shattering innovative idea in and of itself, it is extremely relevant and differentiating.

Promotional products come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, etc.  Things like t-shirts, backpacks, water bottles, calendars, sunglasses, and even pizza cutters are all popular promotional products that colleges and universities consistently tend to distribute.  These simple, yet handy items (that also display your school’s logo for everyone to see) are used by students on a daily basis, over a long period of time.

Thus your advertising becomes long lasting.

Unlike a short-lived and usually ignored TV commercial, newspaper or magazine advertisement, or obnoxious pop up window on your favorite website, promotional products are used and last longer than any other form of advertising.  They become 3-Dimensional advertising vehicles for your higher education institution.  A good promotional product will potentially stay with a student from the moment they get it, to the time they move into their first house, and into the next couple of years after that.

A useful product given to a student will typically be used and reused by that student until it either breaks or falls apart and can no longer be taped together or super glued shut.  Because students tend to utilize these promotional items for whatever purposes they can figure out, the item — and the promotional imprint on the item — become very important.

Continuous, long lasting advertisements.

Take for example, the yellow foam media holder in the shape of a La-Z-Boy chair that we developed with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Numbers to residence hall security, the campus police, BOSS, and the student health center were all printed on the back of the chair.  Incoming freshman living in the Sandburg Residence halls were all given these media holders upon moving in.  Many students have said that they took their chair-shaped cell phone holders with them when they moved out of the dorms.  Today, you can probably find students that still use these silly yellow foam chairs in their houses or apartments as a convenient holder for their cell phones.

Promotional products are important to higher education because they help promote and advertise a higher educational institution over a long period of time while also acting as a useful product for students to take advantage of.  It’s a win-win situation.

One great product that many schools are starting to utilize is the Media Lounger — it is like an updated, sleeker version of the media holder that we helped develope for UWM.  The lounger holds any media device in an upright position so you can see the screen.  The imprint area is on the bottom and can be seen while the device is being used!  It is a great place to showcase your school’s logo, website URL, or contact information, and will be used by your students for years to come!

Three Examples of Media Loungers


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