Graduation Integration Information

Integrating Promotional Products into Graduation Celebrations

Graduations are a time of celebration and excitement. There are a lot of opportunities and reasons to integrate promotional products into graduation.  Here are a couple of the reasons:

College Admissions Anti-Summer Melt Strategy

Students who commit to a college in the spring but don’t show up on campus in the fall result in “summer melt”.  Colleges are always looking for ways to help combat melt. Promotional products are a unique solution. They amplify college excitement during the high school graduation season.  Give your students promotional products to include in their high school graduation ceremonies and parties. Popular products used for this strategy include the Tassel Toppers, adhesive embroidered patches, sticker sheets and mylar and latex balloons.

Using promotional products reinforces the student’s confidence in their great choice along with two other bonuses. You will ensure your school is prominently seen in countless photos that get shared on social media. Also, it raises the college’s brand awareness among peers, family and friends. That’s a bonus that can pay off in future recruitment.

Promotional Products and Graduation Celebrations

Graduation stoles and honor cords have long been a way for schools to recognize and accessorize students at graduation.  However, the Tassel Topper and the adhesive embroidered patch are two additional options to have students stand out at graduation.   For example, a School of Business can give a Tassel Topper to their graduation class to stand out at graduation.

Details on the Products:
  • Tassel Toppers allow students to decorate their grad caps. Your students will stand out in the graduation crowd because they will have unique, colorful designs on one or both sides of their tassel topper. Students can also add decoration to your design! As a result, it’s the perfect accessory as friends and family take pictures before, during and after graduation. Students can also use it as a decoration at their graduation party. It will also become a long-term memento.
  • Removable Sticky Patches give students the creative freedom to embellish their graduation gowns without any damage. Students can easily transfer patches to their clothes for the graduation party or their backpack.
  • Mylar balloons add a festive branding touch for any graduation party. Add latex balloons to complement the effect.
  • Stickers give students an easy way to decorate their mobile devices, laptops, vehicles and more to constantly promote their school pride.
  • Brandelopes can be used when colleges mail out promotional products to their incoming students. It will be the first thing students see when it arrives in their mailboxes. These full-color cardstock envelopes truly stand out. They also build students’ excitement even before they see what’s inside.

We want to help you leverage the power of promotional products into graduations. Let’s discuss all the creative ways that Magellan Promotions can be of help. 

Graduation Integration FAQ’s

The Tassel Topper Technical Details:

What comes with the Tassel Topper?

The Tassel Topper comes with:

  • Protective plastic wrapping
  • Three velcro adhesives
  • Instructions for use

Will students be able to move their tassel from right to left?

Of course! The velcro adhesive is only located on three corners of the topper. The front of the cap doesn’t have one for this specific reason.

Will it damage the graduation topper?

Nope! The adhesive that attaches to the cap leaves no residue behind whatsoever. So if your students want to keep their cap in mint condition as a keepsake, or if the cap is just a rental, they have nothing to worry about.

What if a high school says no?

Not all high schools are on board with allowing students to decorate their graduation caps. But that’s OK!

Include some fun things for your students to do when you mail their Tassel Topper so they’ll enjoy it no matter their school’s policy. Here are some suggestions:

  • Encourage them to take a picture of their Tassel Topper and post it on social media when they receive it. Make sure to include a hashtag so they can tag your school in their pictures.
  • Have them proudly display it in their room until the big day.
  • Have their parents incorporate it into the cake at their graduation party.
  • Have it on display at their graduation party.
  • Encourage them to wear their Tassel Topper for pictures with family and friends before and after the ceremony.

What is the turnaround time?

Tassel Toppers usually take four to five weeks from the time we finalize your order until delivery. It’s possible that this could be faster, but that would depend on our production house’s availability, and there may be additional charges for rush production.

We also recommend giving yourself at least a week to finalize your design, and if you have licensing requirements at your school, a week for licensing as well. This can mean we need six to seven weeks from when you submit your artwork, so make sure to plan ahead!

Are there a set up charges?

No. There are no setup charges for the tassel topper.


Does the Tassel Topper come in full color?

Yes. This means the sky is the limit when it comes to the Tassel Topper design. The more creative you are, the better! We always recommend using a background color other than white or black, as it makes for a more interesting design. Gradients and pictures are also great design pieces.

The Tassel Topper will help your future students stand out in the graduation crowd – and the more distinctive and colorful your design, the easier it will be for family and friends to spot your student!

What are the imprint requirements?

The Tassel Topper is 8.5″ x 8.5″ and can be printed on two sides for no extra cost.

Play around with some ideas with our design templates below. We’ve also included the design template for the brandelope, one of our custom mailing options.


We also require a 0.25″ bleed on all sides of the tassel topper design. Please submit your art files with all images, logos and design pieces embedded, and all fonts converted to outlines.

We will need your final design in vector format, and prefer an .ai or .eps file (and sometimes a .pdf will work too). Other file types may be usable. Please contact your account manager for more details.

What design recommendations do you have for my tassel topper?

Should I include a hashtag?

Absolutely! This will make your students easier to find when they post pictures of their graduation celebrations.

What should I use as my hashtag?

You can use whatever you’d like for your hashtag! But keep these tips in mind:

  • Be specific to your school. Don’t use a hashtag like #classof2023 or #2019grad. These are too generic, and too many students from different schools will be using them for you to find your students.
  • Make it easy. The longer your hashtag, the greater chance of spelling mistakes, or students shortening it to make it easier.
  • Want it specific to the new class? Include the year your class will graduate from your school.
  • Here are a few great examples from some of our clients: #dayton2022#atu22#coppinproud


Can I customize my graduation package?

Absolutely! You can get as creative as you’d like to make your incoming students’ big day special – the options are endless! Just email us or give us a call at 414.831.0184 and we can help brainstorm the perfect graduation package.

What items go in a graduation pack?

Our grad pack included a:

  • Brandelope custom full-color envelope
  • Tassel Topper graduation cap
  • Mylar balloon
  • Removable adhesive patch with a custom card
  • Sticker sheet
  • Letter

But that doesn’t mean your graduation pack has to match ours! Our graduation packs are completely customizable. Whether you want flat items to put in an envelope, or a custom box for non-flat items, we can do that! Just let us know your budget and what items you’re interested in and we can help you create your custom graduation pack.

What design recommendations do you have for my graduation package?

  • Have fun with your colors! If you do a red tassel topper, think about doing a contrasting color balloon. Or if you do a blue mylar balloon, include gold latex balloons. Use the different pieces to play up your school colors.
  • Pick a theme. Use the same imagery, colors and designs to link the different pieces of your grad pack together on sight.
  • Be bold with your packaging. The bigger impact your packaging makes when it lands in your students mailbox, the better.

How long does it take to produce all of the items for my grad pack?

It all depends on the items that you’ve selected, but it generally takes about five weeks to get all of the items you’ve selected. Some will come quicker, but the Tassel Topper does take a full four weeks for production (after artwork is approved).


Can Magellan Promotions mail my grad pack?

Absolutely! Once you’ve picked your grad pack (or designed one of your own), Magellan Promotions can handle the fulfillment and mailing of your pack.

How long does it take to put my grad pack together?

It takes one to two weeks to put grad packs together after production is complete, depending on the items and packaging you select. Your Account Manager can get you a better timeline after all of your items have been selected.

When do you need my mailing list?

We don’t need it right away when you order your product. Generally, we need the mailing list one to two weeks before your packages will mail, but the sooner the better.

How long do packages take to mail?

It all depends on what mailing method you select. If you’re shipping bulk (which includes non-profit rates), we can’t guarantee shipping times, but we estimate them around two to three weeks. We’ve seen bulk mailings arrive as soon as a week after they’ve been mailed, and take as long as four weeks. First class is generally about one week. Make sure you’re factoring the mailing time into your timeline! Your Account Manager will also walk you through the entire mailing process to make sure everyone is on the same page.

So how long does the whole process take?

It depends on the items you’ve selected, but generally from when you place the order to when they arrive at your students’ homes, we estimate around eight to ten weeks for production, fulfillment and mailing. This means we need to plan ahead! As soon as you’re ready to start talking about your options, contact your Account Manager so we can get you a better idea of timelines.


Contact your Account Manager, and they can help you start putting the pieces together.

Graduation Integration Case Studies

Carthage College – Admissions Department

Audience: Deposited/committed students

Carthage College’s admissions counselors would receive invitations from deposited students to come to their high school graduation with some way to incorporate Carthage into their high school graduation. A graduation card from their admissions counselor wasn’t cutting it anymore. When Carthage integrated in the Tassel Topper, they generated great excitement and popped up in a flood of photos on social media. More importantly, attendance at orientation programs increased while the number of lost deposited students decreased, year over year.

“A lot of times we were the only college that had Tassel Toppers at a high school graduation, and it was amazing to see a red cap stand out in a sea of black ones.” – Kylee Flister, Marketing Communications Specialist

University of the Incarnate Word – Admissions Department

Audience: Deposited students

UIW wanted to send a gift to committed students, but not one that every other college or university was using. So they sent Tassel Toppers to their incoming students in a Brandelope and included a congratulatory letter and what hashtag to use for posting pictures.

“Both students and parents reported that they liked the Tassel Topper and it was a fun way to integrate into graduation.” Rory Dew, Communications Director

North Dakota State University – Admission Department

Audience: Admitted first year students

“We wanted to try a new approach during commitment season. Tassel Toppers were something unique and communicated our excitement for students to commit to NDSU. This initiative helped reinforce students’ decisions to attend and provided energy and visibility for the university.” Merideth, Director of Admission

University of the Sciences – Admissions Department

Audience: Incoming students

The University of Sciences sent the Tassel Toppers in a Brandelope to incoming students because they liked the social media opportunities, it was a fun idea and liked the potential to help reduce summer melt.

“We heard that students thought the Tassel Toppers were cool and we very pleased with how the Brandelope turned out”. Gus DiStefano, Executive Director of Admissions

Graduation Integration Design Examples

Graduation Integration Social Media Examples