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Mobile phone holders for the desk have been a popular promotional product for our collegiate clients over the past number of years.  Back in 2011 we wrote an article about what departments invest in these and why they are so popular.  In addition, we highlighted some of our popular options.  To read that article, click HERE.

One of the trends for 2013 that we have seen is making the mobile cell phone holders as multifunctional products.  So in addition to giving your cell phone a home on your desk, the mobile cell phone holder has another feature.

Multitasker The version that we like the most so far is the Multitasker (pictured).  This mobile phone holder has a detachable screen cleaner that is held in the backing that holds the stand up.  The cleaner has a microfiber strip that can clean your phone, computer and other electronic device screens.

We like this holder for three reasons:

  1. We like the silver color with the subtle accent colors.  Since this is going on a desk, we feel that the color scheme will be acceptable to a wider audience than other versions we have seen in this price range.
  2. Second, it serves a useful purpose.  As a multi-use product goes, we like including the cleaner on the product.  Screen cleaners are always needed with our phones, tablets and computer screens constantly getting dirty.  Also, it is displayed in a visible spot that is convenient when you need it, yet remains out of the way.
  3. Lastly, this product is at a good price point, below $2.00 for quantities 500 and more. So it works for almost any budget.

To learn more about this product, see pricing and more, click HERE.



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  1. Gareth Parkin says:

    When looking into purchasing promtional products so many companies and organisations do not realise how important ‘practicality is’ when selecting a product. It is one thing handing out freebies, however if they are not practical in nature then what is the point. As technology continues to move forward, there are more and more promotional items coming onto the market to meet these needs. Gone are the days when a simple pen, mug or mouse mat is the preferred option, coupled with a younger generation these phone holders represent the perfect combination of form and function and I am sure will be a big hit for you guys.

  2. Michael Wolaver
    Michael Wolaver says:

    Thanks for the comment, it is appreciated! You are spot on with your thoughts. Promotional products are unique that they are a useful product while at the same being being a marketing vehicle. So the more useful the product, the more effective the marketing campaign will be.


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