Want the retail look of the Spyder jackets,
but don’t want to pay retail prices?

Look no further than the Ironware, our non-retail version of the Spyder!

The Spyder jackets are known for their sweater-like feel and striking fabric design. As with any high-quality retail jacket, the price tag can be steep.

Are you looking for a less-expensive alternative that you can brand for your staff, or as a high-end giveaway? Look not further than the River’s End Ironweave Jacket.

This high-quality alternative will cost you half of white Spyder jackets retail for, and you have the option to customize it with your company’s logo. Branding this jacket will make your employees or customers stand out from the crowd, and they’ll definitely be on trend!

Additional charges may apply. Costs vary based on decoration.
As low as$80.98

The Ironweave Jacket

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