Creating a Knock-Out Sticker Design

Let the fun begin. Designing your custom stickers can be a fun process, whether you’re designing a sticker sheet, keyboard sticker, or one of our many other options. Most of our stickers are fully customizable, so you can take your design in a lot of different directions. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

Designing Your Stickers

With custom die, the sky’s the limit. Our custom die technique gives you the ability create as many custom sized and shaped stickers on the sheet as you desire.  This way the stickers really feature your logos and are more likely appeal to your audiences.

Inspiration is everywhere. When you create your design, think about additional elements that can be turned into a sticker. Are you using a picture of your mascot as your background? Turn it into a sticker. Want to highlight an iconic building on campus? Turn it into a sticker.

Make Sure It’s Clear That It’s A Sticker

Design with the peel in mind. Make sure that it’s clear where your stickers are on the sheet. This is especially important if you’ve chosen a light background color, in which case the die lines might not be as obvious as on a darker color. You want to make finding and peeling the sticker as easy as possible for the user, after all. So, here’s a few tips:

  • Have simple text that points out your stickers, such as “Peel here!”or “I’m a Sticker!”,
  • Include a mention of the stickers in your copy
  • Use an image of a keyboard to indicate that a keyboard sticker is included.

Picking the Background Color

Consider using a strong background color. A white or very light color may cause your stickers to get mistaken for your printed piece of paper. If you really want your stickers to stand out, consider making each sticker a color that contrasts with the background.

Think About Your Copy

The power of words. Every sticker has a story. Engaging copy is critical for a postcard sticker, but good content can be just as powerful on a sticker sheet or keyboard sticker. In fact, incorporating brand messaging and targeted content into a promotional product, such as stickers, can make for a more impactful giveaway.

Hashtags: Make sure to include a hashtag in your design so your end users can tag pictures of your stickers on social media. Even better? Turn your hashtag into a sticker itself! When you’re picking your hashtag, make sure to do a little research in advance. The more tailored and unique your hashtag, the less chance you’ll get unrelated posts using the same hashtag.

Make It Fun! You can also include inside jokes and references that your end users would understand. The more fun and relevant your stickers and design are, the more likely your stickers are to get put in prominent places.

Printing On Other Side: Want to add text to the back of your sticker? Whether you’re doing a sticker postcard or a sticker sheet, we can do that in either black or full color! Just ask your Account Manager for details.

Extra Tips for Keyboard Stickers

Know your options. The most popular version of our keyboard sticker includes a sticker in the upper right hand corner, with an image of a keyboard with the sticker across the bottom. But that’s just one way to do it. Here are a few more ideas:

Rotate the die! As long as the sticker doesn’t move, you can rotate your artwork to fit our die. That means your keyboard sticker can be in any corner of the 3″ x 3″ card. If you want a different placement, we can do that, too. This may require a custom die, but that will allow you to add more than one sticker, as well.

Background Images: Many designs use a keyboard as the background of their keyboard sticker. You can also use an image or creative graphic. With the full color background, you have full creative control over the design.

Extra Tips for Postcard Stickers

Now that the front of postcard is how you want it, what about the back? This is where you can really shine with some fresh design and copy. With a full-color front and back at no additional charge, use the space on the back of the card for more than copy. Add some flair with images and graphics!

Now the Technical Stuff

Once you have the design you want, here are some basics that you need to know.

  • All designs need to include a 1/4″ bleed on each side of your design.
  • Include your die lines when you submit your files to us. Stickers should have a 1/8 inch bleed around all die lines.
  • All text, stickers and critical images should be within a safe line, 1/4 of an inch from the cut line.
  • Make sure to leave enough room in between your stickers so the bleed lines don’t run into each other.
  • Call out any specific PMS colors that you need us to adhere too. Our stickers are printed in full color, but we do our best to match PMS colors when printing.

You’re Ready to Design!

Once you’ve completed your design, send it to your Account Manager and they will help you with the rest of your order. Don’t know who that is? Send us an email, and a member of our team will be in touch!

Ordering, Pricing, Design Templates and More

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