Custom Stoles & Sashes Helping Differentiate Your Grads!

Graduates Tossing Hats in Air

College graduation: One of the most pivitol times in a young person’s life up to that point.  After four (plus) years of studying, partying, cram sessions, sleep depravation, and countless packs of ramen later, you finally get to put on that traditional cap and gown walk with your peers into the next chapter of your life.  And while traditionally, being part of that large homologus graduate group is an honor, more and more schools, departments, and groups are starting to differentiate themselves from the standard cap and gown attire.

The conventional honors cord, a staple piece used by most schools today, is given to those students who show exemplary academic achievement.  Some schools even use different colored cords to denote the different between honors or high honors for their students.  It is a simple yet effective way to acknowledge those high achieving students amongst their peers.

Gold Graduate Tassel Cord White Graduate Tassel Cord
(More colors available)
Recently, a popular trend sweeping the promotional products market is the use of custom stoles/sashes for undergraduate ceremonies. Traditionally, graduate students and distinquished faculty will wear stoles, however, now more schools are using stoles for their undergrads as well. Custom stoles (long pieces of fabric made out of bridal satin material) can be drapped around a graduate’s neck either in place of or along with an honors cord.  Stoles are used to differentiate students in a multitude of different ways and similar to tassles, they become a special keepsake for students after graduation.

Johns Hopkins Sample Wet Dyed Stole
(custom dyed)

Carlington College Custom Embroidered Stole

Custom Silkscreen Stole

Fully Custom Stoles

Embroidered and silk-screen are the most common types of stoles — they have a quick turn around and are easy to design. The drawback though is you only have a handful of colors to choose from and images/words/school logos often come across flat.

With fully custom stoles, you can produced an exact match of your school’s colors. You are also able to have fun with the stoles by utilizing accent marks and depth portayal.  These features really make your logo/image pop and convey a sense of school pride.

The minimum order for custom stoles is 100 and the lead time is around 6 weeks — But with the proper planning, the end result with definitely be worth it!  You will have fully custom stoles that uniquely represent your school.

Custom Stole Uses

*In place of the traditional honor cord
*To differentiate departments or schools within a university
*To show students who are part of different school associations
*For professors, guest lecturers, special speakers, or faculty
*One color for men and one color for women – used in place of different color gowns

Custom stoles are available at a standard 60″ in length or as extra longs at 72″.  Silkscreen printing, embroidery, and fully customized dyed options are available as well as plain blank stole pieces.  Traditional cords are also available and all pieces come in 12 different stock colors: black, gold, hunter green, light gray, maroon, navy, purple, red, royal, and white.
For more information about any of these products, or to order, contact us via email or at 414-831-0184.

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  1. Bob Lowe
    Bob Lowe says:

    Thanks for the great information. Stoles are a perfect reminder of all the hard work it took to get to that point in a students life. Having a custom made stole helps to make that moment unique only to year. Like you state they help to differentiate students in a multitude of different ways.


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