Funnel Art for Web EngagementIn an increasingly competitive higher education landscape, schools need to effectively engage students to stay in their consideration set.  Choosing a college is a long and information-heavy decision making process.

So how do you keep your brand in front of target students?

Incorporate tangible, useful promotional products with your current marketing efforts. This can help gain and hold students’ attention and encourage them to:

  • Visit your website
  • Connect via social media
  • Stop by your booth at a local college fair
  • Participate in a campus tour
  • Submit an application
  • If accepted, lead students to enroll

Depending on what you want students to do, we can idea-storm effective swag to help meet your goals.

Promotional Products Create Engagement

As part of “Generation ME,” prospective students are more likely to engage when the marketing is tailored to them. Promotional items can be targeted to fit lifestyle, needs, values, and aspirations. Selecting the right product increases the likelihood of students keeping, using, and recalling your message.

Students LOVE receiving items (83% of people do), and they WILL talk about it.  A simple t-shirt, bag, or pennant, for example, could have an even greater exposure when a student takes a picture and shares it on social media. As a result, students sharing their excitement and enthusiasm for your school becomes free word-of-mouth advertising!

To learn more about the effectiveness of promotional products, visit Promotional Products Work.

Brand Building

  • On-Campus: banner, signage, flags, table cover, tent
  • Staff and Tour Guide apparel
  • Golf Umbrellas for walking tours
  • Maps

Long Term Reminder for Students

  • Promotional item from tour, individual school or department visited
  • Incentive to engage on social media with a contest or drawing
  • Application deadline reminder magnet

Resources for Increasing Engagement

Browse the links on this page for Admissions Marketing Product Ideas, Case Studies, Blog Posts and Presentations related to Increasing Engagement.