At this stage, students have been introduced to your school, submitted an application, and some have been accepted. You now want top prospects to commit and enroll.  This crucial phase can be further enhanced with promotional marketing, which helps stay connected with students as they make their decision.

Promotional products help drive action.Funnel Art for Web Excitement

Studies show that more “purchases” are made after a consumer receives a promotional product than after viewing a TV, print or online ad. With respect to higher education, a purchase can be defined as submitting a deposit, or committing to enroll.

After making their decision, students are excited to show off their school. This “show and tell” can be a student carrying a backpack, drinking from a mug, wearing a t-shirt – all featuring your school’s logo or mascot.  Your students become your brand ambassador and spread your message virally.  How exciting is that?!

Create Excitement among Admitted Students

Promotional products truly help build excitement and community among committed students.  For example, one private college sent a promotional item as part of a photo contest to increase engagement and build community on the incoming freshman class’ Facebook page.  Read more on the Case Study page.

Some other promotional marketing ideas include:

  • Item for admitted student in targeted population
  • Scholarship recipient recognition
  • Social media interaction with contest or drawing

Resources for Creating Excitement

Browse the links on this page for Admissions Marketing Product Ideas, Case Studies, Blog Posts and Presentations related to Creating Excitement.