Charge Up Your Transfer Recruitment Efforts

Many colleges and universities enroll almost as many transfer students as they do new freshman each year.

Connecting with potential transfer students to assure they don’t feel like they’re simply incoming freshman is critical, right from the start.

In general, transfer students are more thoughtful about their college inquiries and make decisions quicker than high school students. So when you receive an inquiry from a prospective transfer student, you need to put your best foot forward as quickly as possible.

Best practices for transfer recruitment efforts have unique materials and messaging specific to this population.

Strategic promotional products should be included as part of the inquiry response that goes beyond simply pushing name recognition. Delivering an impactful promotional product with messaging that demonstrates you are clearly invested in the transfer student’s future success will help you stand out and create a lasting impression.

That’s why a charger cable makes perfect sense.

Charger cables can be as low as under $3 each and work with the latest Apple, Samsung and Google devices. With so many devices today, charger cables are well received and will resonate with these busy students. Since they are small and light, a charger cable can be included in a post-inquiry mailing, combined with a marketing statement of “Powering Up Your Education” to tie the messaging together.

It’s a product students will use, appreciate and remember. And it might just be the item that adds that additional boost when it comes to choosing to attend your school.

To begin charging up your transfer recruitment strategy with a charger cable or other engaging and useful items, contact us and your dedicated Account Manager will help you get started.

Maximizing Your Admit Pack

Receiving an admit pack is a memorable experience for a high school student.

It’s the culmination of years of hard work and determination.  Thus it’s a perfect opportunity for students to celebrate and show pride in their college acceptance.

To maximize this opportunity, make the your admit pack stand out and give students easy ways to share and show their pride.

By using a Brandelope, a photo-worthy custom-printed envelope, the mailing itself will stand out and create its own statement. The Brandelope will excite students when it is found in the mailbox and sure to be featured when the students post their acceptance packet on Instagram.

Include promotional products inside the packet to let the students show their pride. Ideas include:

  • Socks: unisex, one-size-fits-most, and they’re fun and trending
  • Buttons: help them show off their college choice by providing a branded button with your admitted student hashtag that they’ll pin to their backpacks
  • Stickers: thin and easy to mail, but high-impact through super visible placement on cars, laptops and more

Make the most out of accepting students by providing an admit pack that lets them share and show their pride.

Ready to start building you custom admit pack? Send us a message, and we’ll help you get started today!

2016 PPAI Expo

2016 PPAI Expo 


The Magellan Promotions team just came back from this year’s annual PPAI Expo!  Michael, Danielle, and Katie came back with a ton of great, innovative, and unique ideas for our clients and we look forward to sharing them with you!

The 2016 PPAI Expo kicked off last week with over 11,000 distributors in attendance. This was PPAI’s 14th year hosting at the nearly one million square foot Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. With 1,300 exhibiting companies and over 3,000 booths it’s clear to see why the show now occupies the convention center’s new $66 million 2 hall expansion.

It was a massive show and the team here at Magellan Promotions made it our goal, as it is every year, to see every single booth on the floor  to ensure we had fresh ideas for our clients as 2016 unfolds!

We truly returned with a ton of great, innovative, and unique ideas and trends for our clients this year and we can’t wait to share them with you!


2016 Top 10 Promotional Products for Colleges



1. Popsocket

The What:

First on our list is the PopSocket. We’re seeing a lot of in-hand phone holders pop up (no pun intended) and knew the PopSocket had to be on our list. Just stick it to the back of almost any mobile device to transform your phone. PopSockets “pop” whenever you need a grip, a stand, or an earbud-management system. We love these so much, Katie our Account Manager and Danielle our Marketing Manager currently have them on the back of their phones!

The Why: 

With a large imprint area and many color combinations, PopSockets makes the perfect gift for students, admitted events, welcome packs, and more!

2. The New Poncho

The What:

It’s time to upgrade your poncho’s! We know you’ve seen poncho’s before, but never ones like these. Tough, heavy-duty, adult PVC Poncho with roomy hood is exactly what we’ve been waiting for!

The Why:

The quality and retail-like appearance makes these poncho’s a go-to for games, event outings, welcome packs, and alumni!  11 rich color options, front and back imprint areas, and snap closures creates a unique poncho that will be kept and reused for many events and years to come!

3. Custom Packaging

The What:packaging

With the New Year comes a great way to customize your items even further. Now you can combine the power of promotional products with personalized packaging! Imagine taking a pair of promotional sunglasses and putting them in an individualized custom box. Custom packaging turns a gift into a true brand advocate, strengthening brand recognition, and adding perceived value! It’s also a great way to include more information to a promotional gift!

The Why:

Add organization to admitted events, alumni gatherings, and recognition ceremonies with custom boxes, sleeves, bindings, and more! With a retail-look, low prices, and low quantities custom packaging helps take your gifts to the next level.


4. Port and Company- Fan Favorite Tee

The What: PC450LPC450V

This 100% ring spun cotton tee is a softer, lighter, and more high end style of cotton that gives this a perfectly relaxed feel.  Coming in sizes S-6XL the Fan Favorite Tee features that heathered appearance that’s on our Top Trends list of 2016. Not to mention, this tee already comes in 31 genuine Collegiate and Professional Sports Team colors!

The Why:  

These tees are the premiere choice for volunteer days, admissions, and alumni events! The Fan Favorite is the perfect lived-in tee that’s sure to be worn again and again.  

5. Tattoo/Scratch-Off Postcards

The What:tatoo

Time to liven up your direct mailers by adding a custom tattoo or scratch-off! Choose from their hundreds of stock designs or create your own.  Available in the classic temporary, PrismFoil Metallic, Glow-in-the-Dark, Glitter, or Tear-Off.

The Why:TattoosToPostcards

Temporary tattoos and scratch off’s are an interactive way for students to show their support at admitted events, sports outings, welcome week, and more!

6. Emoji Stress Balls

The What:littleballs

Nothing’s more relevant than emoji’s right now. Emoji’s are so popular 2015’s Word of the Year was “  ” We’re staying on trend with these new Emoji stress balls! All of our
favorite emoji’s made the cut: Yikes, ILY, Wink Wink, Happy Face, and LOL.


The Why:


Emoji stress balls delight at admitted events, in Finals Survival Kits, and at departmental giveaways. If you’re looking for
something on trend that student’s will not only recognize, appreciate, and keep then these are the ones for you!


7. Printed Cables

The What:462852

Bring brand recognition to students and faculties everyday lives with the all new Micro-USB to USB Cables. Phones aren’t leaving our hands anytime soon and unfortunately in 2016 our phones still need to be charged. Why not add your brand to an everyday much needed item? One of a kind, full-color, photo-quality imprinted cables highlights their precision, color, and high-definition detail on both sides. Compatible with all micro-USB ports including Apple®.

The Why:

This charging cord will stand out from the crowd and be the ultra-modern promotional gift that you’ll be thanked for! Great for admitted events, welcome gifts, alumni events, and more!

8. Plantable Paper

The What:

Being eco-friendly is always a positive that’s why we added plantable paper to our top 10 list!  Good old fashion paper can be replaced with all-natural seed paper to create endless promotional products!

The Why:

Bookmarks, coasters, coupons, postcards, greeting cards, letters, business cards , event invitations, and more!  Adding eco-friendly materials to an everyday item creates memorability and helps our planet stay green!

9. Keyboard Sticker

The What:  keyboard sticker for your college

This is the perfect way for your students to show their support and school colors! The vinyl ultra-removable keyboard sticker offers brilliant digital color and durable material.

The Why:

These are a fun and interactive item that we’re excited to feature this year! Individualize your departments by adding a custom keyboard sticker to computers or hand them out at admitted events!

10. Promotional Books

The What:

Did you ever think a published book could be a promotional product? Well now it can be! This unique product actually allows you to customize published books on the market.  Everything from the Giving Tree to The College Dorm Survival Guide is available for customization.  Modifications like a cover imprint, a page insert, a full color wrap, and custom book jacket are all possible with The Book Company.


The Why:

First of all, this is just cool! Have you ever seen anything like it?  Books make incredible promotional items because books are kept, read, shared, and even displayed; never thrown away! We love the idea of books for welcome packs, scholarship events, recognition events, and even giveaways.



2016 Top 10 Promotional Products for Businesses


1. EOS Lip Balm

What is it?:

EOS has come to the promotional products world and we couldn’t be more excited! These uniquely spherical lip balms made their explosive start in the retail world and their growth has only accelerated. Not only do we love the duo packaging option pictured above, we love EOS’s quality. Containing an antioxidant-rich formula featuring vitamin E and soothing shea butter, EOS keeps lips soft and moisturized throughout the work day.

Why we love it?:

Nothing says thank you like an EOS Lip Balm. Consider these for employee appreciation, administrative professionals, or even health focused events.  With 8 color and flavor options EOS’ take on the classic Lip Balm makes a great promotional gift with a large imprint area!



2. Phone Port

What is it?: phoneport

This all new phone port is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for. With a simplistic and clean design it not only charges one phone, it can charge 4 at once. The twist on the modern phone port upgrades the use-ability, imprint area, and memorability of this great gift!

Why we love it?:

Phone ports are great simply because everyone has a phone! They’re forever useful; but this port takes it to the next level. These are the perfect gifts to welcome new employees, staff giveaways, and even incentive programs.

3. The Tile

What is it?:

The Tile is a new product perfect for forgetful minds. This device fits perfectly on your key ring and works to track your most needed daily items. Simply attach a Tile to an item, use The Tile App on your phone to locate it, and within seconds the Tile is chirping with sound to help you on your quest!  Need to find your phone?  Press the Tile to loudly ring your lost phone; it’ll even switch it off of silent mode in order to ring!

     The best part of the product is the app works to create a network of all Tile users across the world. That means if you’ve lost your phone at an airport or even another county, The Tile App will connect with other users Tile’s to help search for yours!

Why we love it?:

Amazing right? We think so! Imagine a promotional gift like this one. Not only is this just extremely helpful, but it’s something that will be kept and used every day. When you include a company logo the value simply increases with more use. We think these are perfect gifts for administrative professional’s day, incentive programs, and giveaways!

4. Tech Trap

What is it?:

Let’s face it, we love our gadgets. Phones, laptops, tablets, headphones, speakers, etc.  and not to mention all of the cords to go with them! Well that’s where the Gird-It steps in. Organizing tech becomes a breeze with Grid-It’s unique weave of rubberized elastic bands perfect for holding personal objects firmly in place.  This “tech trap” is designed to provide an endless configuration of objects, digital devices, and personal effects; making this a universally useful item.

Why we love it?: customized grids

Our gadgets aren’t going away any time soon which makes this the perfect promotional gift! Your staff, engineers, designers, and everyone else will thank you for the added organization in their lives! Useful, modern, trending, personal, and a daily use item makes the Grid-It a true top 10!


5. Promotional Books

What is it?: books

Did you ever think a published book could be a promotional product? Well now it can be! This unique product actually allows you to customize published books on the market.  Everything from the Giving Tree to The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook is available for customization.  Modifications like a cover imprint, a page insert, a full color wrap, and custom book jacket are all possible with The Book Company.

Why we love it?:

First of all, this is just cool! Have you ever seen anything like it?  Books make incredible promotional items because books are kept, read, shared, and even displayed; never thrown away! We love books for recognition, business outreach, employee appreciate, and even giveaways. When you give the gift of reading; your clients won’t be disappointed!


6. Kitted Sets

What is it?: kiy2

An easy way to bring your promotional gifts to the next level would be to “kit” them. To “kit” is an industry term we use to describe more than one item being bundled together in one gift.


Why we love it?:kit1

This is your one stop shop for a promotional gift. Everything from hats & t-shirts, water bottles, bags and water bottles, tech gear, and more can be kitted together! Kitted items make the perfect gifts for office incentive programs, health days, acknowledgement gifts, and more!



7. Plantable Paper

What is it?:plantable


Being eco-friendly is always a positive that’s why we added plantable paper to our top 10 list!  Good old fashion paper can be replaced with all-natural seed paper to create memorability and helps our planet stay green!


Why we love it?:

Greeting cards, letters, business cards, coasters, event invitations, and more! The possibilities are endless!



8. The Galagalaplate

What is it?:

Haven’t we all been to an event where we’re trying to hold an appetizer plate, a drink, and still have a free hand to golf, shake hands, or converse?
Well The Gala puts us all to shame with its simple yet effective design. No more balancing cheese and crackers on top of your drink as you make introductions. This single-finger plate allows the beverage to easily nestle alongside it as it’s held in place by the user’s index finger.


Why we love it?:

This is truly the ultimate cocktail plate to make the attendees of your next event mingle with ease! With a large imprint area and high quality heavyweight plastic there’s no doubt these will be a hit and make a lasting impression!



9.Wooden Desk Gifts

What is it?woodendesk

No wood grain isn’t coming back (at least we hope not) but what is coming back is wood.  That’s why we’ve included a few of the brand new wooden desk items of 2016. Wood has a high perceived value and is a relatively inexpensive material making these gifts a unique and affordable option.

Why we love it?:

Wooden desk gifts are a great way to welcome new employees, recognize years of service, and ensure your brand is always top of mind!


10. The Force

What is it?

Do these look familiar? If they do you’re probably familiar with the brand Swell that’s taking the retail world by storm! We’re staying on trend with our industries version, The Force! Double walled, stainless steel, thermal, with copper vacuum insulation available in sizes 34, 26, and 17 ounces.


Why we love it?:

We are seeing these bottles everywhere! They’re trendy, extremely useful and features a huge customizable imprint area. Perfect for health focused events/days, employee incentive programs, and holiday gifts!





2015 Top New Promotional Products for Colleges

In our last post we shared photo highlights from our recent trip to the PPAI Expo. Out of hundreds of photos and thousands of products displayed at the promotional marketing industry’s largest show we reviewed everything that caught our eye and voted on our favorite items for universities and colleges. After much discussion and even some debate, we narrowed our top products down to ten finalists for our list:

2015 Top New Promotional Products for Colleges

As in 2014,technology items remain a popular and fast-growing promotional product category. Phone stands, mobile phone cleaners, phone cases, and phone wallets were well represented at this year’s exhibits. Three new items stood out in particular:

1. Standees – full color mobile phone stand

full color imprint phone stand

Design options are endless with this full color phone stand.


Collegiate Mascot on Phone Stand

Custom Shaped Standee is a great way to show-off your mascot.


The phone stand is made of a rigid styrene material with a securely attached plastic kickstand that folds flat. Custom shapes are available, so you could really get creative with this item!

Suggested uses:

  •  Students or Alumni
    • Imprint an athletic schedule
    • Imprint a campus mascot or scene from campus
    • Fold down the kickstand to include in a mailing
  • High School Counselors / Referral Sources
    • Imprint important dates, contact information

2. Conveniently Packaged Ear Buds – Though they have been around for years, ear buds remain a popular item for college students. This packaging makes it easy to store and handout earbuds.

ear buds packaged in a tube

These earbuds provide high quality sound and work with any portable device.

Suggested uses:

  •  Students – events, open house, campus tours, fitness center, welcome week giveaway, student organization fair

3. Tech Tattoos – stickers for your devices

stickers for mobile devices and laptops

Multiple stickers on one sheet to decorate all of your devices.

These ultra removable decals are a safe and easy way to personalize your gadgets! As noted in the picture, the stickers are designed for a variety of applications: laptops, tablets, e-readers, cell phones, music players, game consoles, and more! These vinyl decals will remove without leaving behind the adhesive.

For more information on buying decals or bumper stickers, visit our Decal Buying Guide.

Suggested uses:

  • Prospective Students – insert in direct mail piece, event handout, open house
  • High School Counselor leave-behind
  • Alumni – insert in direct mail, events

4. Ultimate Hands

Pat had some fun posing with a larger #1 hand at the PPAI Expo.  It IS a fun, team spirit product!

Larger size #1 Hand

Pat Conley and the big, 20″ #1 Ultimate Hand

Many collegiate options are available, like this one from the University of Minnesota. What else says school spirit better than this product?!

In addition to the large, 20-inch size, the Ultimate Hand comes in a smaller size that is great for displaying on a desktop.

ultimate hand number 1

Suggested uses: athletic events, pep rallies, Homecoming, alumni

5. Chrome Domz

School logos and mascots are beautifully displayed on Chrome Domz!

Wisconsin Bucky Badger Chrome Domz

Doesn’t Bucky look nice?! Picture your mascot like this!

Chrome Domz are mirror finished, embossed stainless steel that is coated with full color graphics. Available with plastic backers for wall art (includes flush mount hanger) or stands alone to mount on existing products. Laser cut to any shape with sizes ranging from 3″x3″ to 22.5″x34.5″.

Suggested uses:

  • Donor gifts
  • Alumni recognition
  • Employee service awards
  • Social media driven contest prize

6. Game Day Socks

Colorful socks are another school spirit related item that we love for 2015.

Game Day Striped Socks

Striped socks are ideal fan gear.

24″ socks can be mixed and matched: school colors in stripes, or one color on your left foot, different color on your right foot or create your own design, including your logo or mascot.

Suggested uses:

  • Students – athletics, university housing, recreational sports
  • Social media driven contest prize

 7. Bondi Bands – Headbands

Similar to game day socks, Bondi Bands are another lower price point promotional item. These headbands are made of an extremely soft material, inspired by the soft, stretchy material of a bathing suit.  Bondi Bands will not slip, making them both fashionable and functional for working out.


Bondi Band headband in a print design

Numerous colors and designs can appeal to both women and men. Available in wicking fabric and in smaller, hair-tie option.

Suggested uses:

  • Students – athletics, recreational sports, run / walk events

8. Low Cost Table Cover

While we highlighted the Fitted Spandex Table Cover last year, we realize that sometimes you need a less expensive table cover option. This is why we love the full color screen printed disposable table cover.

disposable 6 ft table cover

6 foot table cover provides a professional look without a high cost.

These table cloths could be part of an event kit for alumni associations or smaller, local events that still need a professional looking display for your school.

Suggested uses:

  • Events: for alumni, high schools, other local events

 9. Slinky Note Pad

If you’re looking for an eye-catching desk item, look no further than the Slinky Post-it Note Pad.

Slinky Post-it Style Notes

Imagine the fun with these Slinky notes!

Suggested uses:

  • Students
  • High School Couselors
  • Alumni
  • Staff

10. The Snacker

There are always a lot of drinkware options each year, so it was difficult to choose just one favorite for this list. We agreed upon the Snacker, since it can hold a snack in a top compartment over your drink of choice. Here were images of two snacker drinkware options:

Snack and a mug all in one

College students will enjoy a snack break with this beverage container.

Suggested uses:

  • Students – admitted student days, social media contest prize
  • University staff – recognition gift

From tech items to spirit gear, our top ten new promotional products for 2015 ranged a lot of categories and price points. Which promo product would you want to include in your branding and event marketing? Comment below and let us know your favorite!

Please contact us with product related questions or to request a custom quote. To view additional product details, visit our 2015 Top New Promotional Products for Colleges Showroom.

Need more SWAG ideas? Call our Idea Explorers at 414-831-0184.

New Product Highlight: DigiGrips Screen Cleaner and Mobile Grip

The DigiClean Screen Cleaner is one of our most popular promotional items.  When a new product in this same line was introduced, we decided to take a closer look.  The DigiGrip Plus Anti-Slip Wipes is a screen cleaner AND a phone grip that sticks to your phone, including most cases, even if rubberized or heavily textured.


DigiGrips Detail Cleaner and Mobile Grip
Similar to the DigiClean Plus, it includes full color, two sided imprint, including the sticky side that adheres to your device.  Photos, QR codes, phone numbers, and locations can easily be imprinted on the DigiGrips Wipe itself or on the included custom 3.5″ x 6″ Marketing Card or 2″ x 3.5″ Business Card!

DigiGrips includes a marketing card
With the cleaning power of DigiClean® Screen Cleaners and the gripping strength of egrips® material, this product combines the best features of two top selling products.  If you no longer need the egrips® function, remove the clear rubber and it converts to a full screen cleaner.

Photo quality, dye sublimated microfiber picks up dirt and oil, unlike cheap screen-printed microfiber pads that simply smudges screens.
With the highest quality graphics in the industry, dual functionality, and superior quality, DigiGrips® will be your favorite product!

To find DigiGrip Anti-Slip Wipes, view the Product Showroom, or call us at 414.831.0184.