Top Promotional Products for Colleges in 2017

After exploring the PPAI Expo’s tradeshow floor in early January, the Magellan Promotions team came back with many great ideas that we’d love help you incorporate into your promotional product offering for 2017. Check out our favorite products for colleges below.

For pricing on any of these items, either click the item name, or visit our showroom.

Cell Phone Fan

What it is:

Have you ever held an outdoor event on a hot day where everyone is using your brochures as fans to keep themselves cool? Thanks to the cell phone fan, your event attendees can actually read those brochures instead of waving them around! The fan attaches to smart phones using the charging port and once plugged in can run up to 10 hours. With attachments for both Apple and Android phones, it’s usable by almost everyone.

Why we love it:

The cell phone fan is the perfect, budget-friendly summer event giveaway. On a hot day, your event attendees will definitely thank you for thinking of their comfort! Plus, the small size means it’s easy to throw in a purse or backpack for easy access after your event has ended. Any time your recipient wishes there was a breeze on a stiflingly hot day, they’ll be glad to have the cell phone fan around!

Find more information and pricing here.

econscious Full-Zip Up Hoodie

What it is:

The econscious brand makes organic and sustainable apparel out of organic cottons and recycled polyester that is durable, comfortable and stylish. Our favorite piece from the brand is their full-zip hoodie that is made from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester and comes in six different colors.

Why we love it:

Over the years we have seen our college partners becoming more and more environmentally aware, and we know that it is important to have apparel options that are eco-friendly. We love this piece because it is comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly all at once! If you are looking to make a statement in both style and on the environment with your apparel, the econscious hoodie is the way to go.

Find more information and pricing here.

Custom Tote

What it is: 

We know just how hard it can be at times to find a bag you like in your schools colors if the colors are anything other than black, white, red or royal blue. This tote bag is the solution you’ve been looking for. Pick from a selection of fourteen different colors for the front and back panels, side gussets, handles and your logo.

Normally you’d expect that a custom bag like this is an overseas project with a 5,000 piece minimum and 90 day production, right? Not this time! Production time is under 10 working days, and you can go as low as 250 pieces.

Why we love it:

Reusable bags are always a popular giveaway since they can be used so many ways. We’ve been right there with you on project where you want to match a bag your school’s colors, but can’t find the right combination in a stock item, and we know how frustrating it can be when the colors you need just aren’t available. This bag gives you the flexibility to highlight your school’s colors, without requiring you to find the budget for an overseas project or having to figure out where to store thousands of bags you don’t need right away. It’s the perfect custom bag option for any school.

Find more information and pricing here.

Kanga Wallet

What it is:

The Kanga wallet is a new twist on the traditional phone wallet. Just like the original phone wallet, it attaches to the back of your phone to store credit cards, school IDs and more. But unlike the original, the Kanga is made of faux leather and looks more like the traditional folding wallet, and can hold up to seven cards. It even has a hidden pocket to hide a little bit of cash. For extra security, it also has a strap along the side that ensures that the wallet stays closed.

Why we love it:

The traditional silicone phone wallet has been popular with many of our clients for years, and we continue to sell it to departments across campus. We love the phone wallet – but it does have it’s limitations as it only recommends that you use it to store two cards. The Kanga phone wallet allows you to store up to seven, and it has a more professional look than the colored silicone wallet. It makes for great gifts for staff, or students about to graduate who are looking for their fist job.

Find more information and pricing here.

20oz Congito Byron Tumbler

What it is:

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit the Magellan Promotions headquarters, you’ll probably notice that we all have a Contigo tumbler or water bottle on our desks. When it comes to a high-quality, retail-name brand piece of drinkware, it’s hard to find something that will be better than the Contigo brand.

In 2016, the Congito Byron was introduced as an alternative to the Contigo Westloop as a less-expensive but still high-quality tumbler. The Byron tumbler is a double-wall, vacuum insulated tumbler with a SNAPSEAL lid, meaning that when the lid is closed you can throw it in a bag without worrying about it spilling. Trust us, we’ve tried it! This year’s introduction is a 20oz version, meaning that you can hold an extra 25% in the tumbler over the original version. It’s plenty big to satisfy anyone’s daily caffeine addition (we’d hope).

Why we love it:

Because of their superior quality, the 20oz Byron tumbler makes for a great gift for staff, guest speakers, alumni, donors and more. The value in the Contigo brand name and quality will show that you’re giving a gift of great value, but you won’t break the bank.

Find more information and pricing here.

Custom Dye-Sublimated Polos

What it is:

Our custom dye-sublimated polos allow you to fully design a polo from start to scratch with no limit on the number of colors or restrictions on logo placement that you would normally have on a polo with a standard left-chest embroidery. You have the ability to create a design that is completely unique, from design, to color, logo placement and more. With a online creation platform, you can design your apparel from scratch, or start with one of our premade designs. Within 30 days, we can produce and deliver as few as 4 custom shirts to you.

Why we love it:

Just like with the bags we previously talked about, we know that it can be hard to find a polo that perfectly matches your school’s colors, especially if you are looking for a specific PMS match or want to stand out from the crowd. You can create a piece that no one else on your campus will have. These polos are perfect for helping brand your staff apparel for events, making sure your brand stands out from the crowd.

To discuss information and pricing for a custom polo project, please contact one of our Account Managers.

Knit & Sublimated Socks

What it is:

We’ve seen knit socks before, and we’ve dye-sublimated socks too. The newest trend to hit our industry is combining the best of both decoration methods – a knit in foot and cuff, with a dye-sublimated ankle. This allows you to get the thicker feeling of knit in the foot of the sock, while getting the extra detail and full-color printing available through dye-sublimation on the ankle. Plus, with new developments in the dye-sublimation process, you no longer have to worry about the white background making your logo from being lost when worn. The new process dyes the threads deeper into the sock, helping maintain the integrity of the logo when worn.

Why we love it:

You can never have too many socks, right? Plus a good pair of socks can be a little expensive – which is why people will appreciate getting them as a gift. The combination of dye sublimation and knit-in decoration allows you to get really creative with the design and show off your brand in a new, unique way! Socks are great giveaways for fundraisers, athletic events, admissions events and more.

Find more information and pricing here.

Wine-O Wine Stopper

What it is:

Have you ever struggled with getting a wine bottle in your fridge once you put a wine stopper on it because it either doesn’t fit on the shelf or it’s too tall to fit in the door? Many of the wine stoppers in our industry are the taller style that add extra height to a wine bottle making it more difficult to fit in your fridge (but that just means you have to finish the bottle instead of putting it back in the fridge, right?). The Wine-O wine stopper is the solution, as it fits flat on the top of a wine bottle without adding too much height.

Why we love it:

The Wine-O wine stopper eliminates the struggle of trying to get a wine bottle with a stopper into your fridge, while at the same time having a sleek look that is the perfect accent for your logo. Imprinted with either a laser engrave (our favorite) or with UV ink, it is a very sleek gift. Wine-related gifts are always perfect for alumni giveaways and events, or fundraisers. Plus the low minimums and price under $4 means it’s the perfect budget-friendly giveaway.

Find more information and pricing here.

Omega Collection Tumbler

What it is:

Yeti-style tumblers were one of the most popular drinkware trends in our industry in 2016. But the double-walled, copper vacuum insulation that is used on Yeti-style tumblers means that they can require a bigger budget. The Omega Collection tumbler is a Yeti-style tumbler that won’t break the bank. Instead of the double-walled insulation, the Omega Collection tumbler is a single wall tumbler, cutting the prince almost in half from the double-walled option.

Why we love it:

The most recognizable thing about the Yeti brand is their look and style, and the Omega Collection tumbler lets you take that style but doesn’t break the bank. It comes in a few unique colors that will make your brand stand out. The straw also makes it easier to drink from, compared to many other Yeti-style tumblers that only have sip-through lids. If you’re looking for a great drinkware piece to use as a giveaway or gift, the Omega Collection is a great option!

Find more information and pricing here.

Ollie Computer Backpack

What it is:

Over the past year we’ve talked a lot about how the most popular items in our industry are our interpretations of retail brands, but at a less expensive price-point. The Ollie computer backpack is no exception. The Ollie mirrors the look of a Timbuk2 backpack, but at a much lower price point. Available in red, blue or black, the Ollie backpack can hold up to a 17″ laptop, and features a zippered accessory pocket, interior mesh pockets for organization, adjustable, padded shoulder straps and more.

Why we love it:

Backpacks have been trending within the bags category in our industry, and the Ollie is a sharp-looking option that won’t blow your budget. The retail-brand style means that it will appeal to college students, and they’d be happy to wear it around campus promoting your brand. Perfect for scholarship events, admissions giveaways and more, you can’t go wrong with the Ollie computer backpack!

Find more information and pricing here.

Would one or more of these items be perfect for branding your company in 2017? Contact one of our Account Managers or check out our showroom for more information and pricing.

Top Promotional Products for Businesses in 2017

After exploring the PPAI Expo’s tradeshow floor in early January, the Magellan Promotions team came back with many great ideas that we’d love help you incorporate into your promotional product offering for 2017. Check out our favorite products for businesses below.

For pricing on any of these items, either click the item name, or visit our showroom.

Endurance Tumbler

What it is:

No matter where we seemed to be on the tradeshow floor, there was an example close by of a tumbler that mirrored the style of the retail-brand Yeti tumblers. The Endurance tumbler was no exception. It is a 12oz. double walled stainless steel tumbler with a vacuum sealed copper lining and comes with a plastic, thumb-slide lid. The vacuum insulation means that it will keep your coffee hot for 12 hours when the lid is on.

Why we love it:

In addition to the Yeti style-tumbler being a huge trend in the promotional product industry, the Endurance tumbler is a great combination of two of our favorite drinkware products – it is the size ceramic mug and has the features double wall stainless steel tumbler. It’s the perfect size for your morning cup of coffee, and it is short enough to fit underneath the Keurig in your office, unlike a traditional tumbler. And unlike a ceramic mug, it’s going to have heat retention abilities because of the double wall and copper vacuum insulation. As an added bonus, we are able to print in full-color around the entire tumbler, giving it a truly custom style when branded.

Find more information and pricing here.

Woodwick Candles

What it is:

Have you ever heard a fire crackling inside someone’s house, but you don’t see a fireplace? It was probably a woodkwick candle! Woodwick is a well-established retail brand that is widely enjoyed by candle lovers. It is unique because (just like the name sounds) the wicks of the candle are made of wood and make a crackling sound like a fire when they are burned.

Why we love it:

Woodwick is widely enjoyed by candle lovers, and anyone that has purchased a Woodwick candle knows the value of they gift they are receiving. Any time that you pair your brand with a well-regarded retail name brand, it adds additional credibility to your brand. It is the perfect appreciation gift, for anyone from employees to clients. Given the length of time it takes a candle to burn, it will be on display in the recipients home for a long time, and will be appreciated by everyone who receives it!

Find more information and pricing here.

Slate Coasters

What it is:

Stone coasters have been available in the promotional products industry for years, and this is the newest twist on this product. The slate coasters are made of a thin slate piece, backed with cork to prevent the stone from scratching table surfaces. It comes in a single, double or four-pack, as either a circle or square.

Why we love it:

Matte black has been a big trend across the industry for a few years, and this is the newest way to incorporate that trend into desk items. We always like desk items because if you have customers who spend 40+ hours a week at their desks, your logo is always in front of them. The matte black color of the slatemeans that the coasters are subtle enough to be a crisp, professional edition to your customer’s desk. With a subtle glossy black logo (our favorite way to print on matte black items), the slate coaster is the perfect thank you gift for your customers.

Find more information and pricing here.

Wall Charger Night Light

What it is:

The Wall Charger Night Light is an AC charger that allows you to charge three devices at once, two through USB outlet and one through a traditional outlet. The top of the outlet doubles as a night light. Are you sick of loosing an outlet when you plug in a night light or USB charging port? This is the solution!

Why we love it:

Almost every time you plug something in, you lose an outlet. But on the wall charger night light, you not only keep your outlets, but you get two bonus USB outlets as well. It makes for a perfect event or tradeshow giveaway, as it’s a practical item, and your clients will thank you every time they go to plug something in.

Find more information and pricing here.

Beverage Wrench

What it is:

The beverage wrench is an convenient way to always make sure you have a few golf tees within reach, and will make sure you always have a way to open a beer while on the golf course. It combines a bottle opener, a golf tee holder with six golf tees and a clip so it is easily attachable to your golf bag.

Why we love it:

The beverage wrench is the perfect inexpensive giveaway for golf events or fundraisers, or as you are networking on the back nine. Anyone who receives it will appreciate that they have a way to have a few extra golf tees at hand.

Find more information and pricing here.

Wireless Headphones

What it is:

With the loss of a headphone jack on the newest version of the iPhone, we are now in a world where Bluetooth headphones are going to become more and more common. They have been around for a while, but most of our customers have preferred the traditional headphones as they don’t require charging, and unlike some version of wireless headphones, aren’t susceptible to losing one of the earbuds. But as major technology changes are coming to our cell phones, our industry has evolved along with them making Bluetooth headphones a necessity for anyone who upgrades their phone.

Why we love it:

Since Bluetooth is going to become the new norm for headphones, everyone is going to need to eventually get a pair, but many people haven’t ventured out and bought their own yet. Giving a pair of Bluetooth headphones away will make your brand look forward thinking, and any recipient will appreciate them. We love this pair in particular because it is a high quality pair with a great imprint area, and having the earbuds attached means you don’t risk losing one, like the unattached pairs. Use them as part of an employee fitness incentive or as a gift to special clients, and your brand will be hard to forget.

Find more information and pricing here.

Ibuprofen Packets

What it is:

The ibuprofen packets are prepackaged sets of 12 ibuprofen pills. You can customize each packet with a full color design around the entire package.

Why we love it:

Everyone usually has ibuprofen around, or wishes they did. That is what makes this such a great, inexpensive giveaway. The best promotional products are those that you need, but don’t want to buy for yourself because they get used and are always appreciated. The ibuprofen packet is small enough to get thrown in a purse or desk drawer, and your recipients will appreciate you every time they reach for it. The packets would be perfect for an inexpensive event giveaway, or for health and wellness related companies and events.

Find more information and pricing here.

C-Slide Webcam Cover

What it is:

The C-Slide webcam cover is a patented webcam cover for laptops, computers, and more that helps protect your webcam being used if your computer is hacked and someone takes over your webcam (yes, unfortunately it does happen). An adhesive backing attaches the cover to your computer or tablet, preventing your webcam from being used unless you slide the piece sitting over your webcam.

Why we love it:

Anyone who works in an office spends most of their day sitting in front of a computer screen, many of which have built-in webcams.  That means your brand will be front and center every time your client looks at their computer screen. Webcam covers are perfect for giveaways for banks, safety and security related companies, or office giveaways if you’re looking to boost your computer security.

Find more information and pricing here.

Convertible Backpack/Messenger Bag

What it is:

The Vertex Convertible Messenger Bag starts out as a backpack, but can be converted into a messenger bag by unhooking and stowing the straps. It’s the perfect solution for situations where you don’t know which would be more convenient – a messenger bag or a backpack – such as when you’re traveling through the airport. It comes with multiple zippered pockets, and can fit a 15” laptop.

Why we love it:

We’ve seen a growing trend in the industry of vertical messenger bags instead of horizontal bags. The height makes it easier to access what you need, and easier to carry around when used as a messenger. The convertible features of this backpack also make it perfect for everyone, whether you prefer a backpack or a messenger bag. Given to valued customers or new employees, this is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

Find more information and pricing here.

Storm Creek Ironweave Jacket

What it is:

The Storm Creek Ironweave Jacket is our industry’s take on the $200 Spyder jacket, but at over half the cost. With a luxuriously thick, sweater-like feel, this jacket looks sharp on anyone who wears it.

Why we love it:

This jacket is the perfect addition to your corporate apparel program. No matter how you wear it, either overa polo for work or a tshirt on the weekend, it is the perfect addition to any outfit and will make your brand stand out for the crowd. Plus, with the increasing popularity of Spyder style jackets, anyone who wears this Ironweave jacket is on trend.

Find more information and pricing here.

Would one or more of these items be perfect for branding your company in 2017? Contact one of our Account Managers or check out our showroom for more information and pricing.


Promotional Version of the YETI Rambler

83261z0Last summer we told you about the Force Copper Vacuum Insulated Thermal Bottles, our version of the still-popular S’well bottles. The Force has continued to be popular with our clients, along with many other products that are promotional versions of retail products.

The newest product that follows this trend is the Glacier, our version of the Yeti Rambler.

At 30oz this tumbler is huge, and will easily hold a day’s worth of coffee. It is made of double walled stainless steel with a copper vacuum, so it will keep that coffee hot all day too. Want to keep water cold instead? It does that too – for up to 16 hours. It’s the best of both worlds!

With pricing as low as $14.99, the Glacier is less than half the cost of the Yeti Rambler. You can find pricing and more details about the Glacier here.

If you’re looking for a great gift for your clients or staff to keep your brand top of mind this holiday season, look no further than the Glacier! It’s less expensive, comes with your logo and works just as well!  Contact your Account Manager today for more information and pricing.

2016 Top 10 Promotional Products for Colleges



1. Popsocket

The What:

First on our list is the PopSocket. We’re seeing a lot of in-hand phone holders pop up (no pun intended) and knew the PopSocket had to be on our list. Just stick it to the back of almost any mobile device to transform your phone. PopSockets “pop” whenever you need a grip, a stand, or an earbud-management system. We love these so much, Katie our Account Manager and Danielle our Marketing Manager currently have them on the back of their phones!

The Why: 

With a large imprint area and many color combinations, PopSockets makes the perfect gift for students, admitted events, welcome packs, and more!

2. The New Poncho

The What:

It’s time to upgrade your poncho’s! We know you’ve seen poncho’s before, but never ones like these. Tough, heavy-duty, adult PVC Poncho with roomy hood is exactly what we’ve been waiting for!

The Why:

The quality and retail-like appearance makes these poncho’s a go-to for games, event outings, welcome packs, and alumni!  11 rich color options, front and back imprint areas, and snap closures creates a unique poncho that will be kept and reused for many events and years to come!

3. Custom Packaging

The What:packaging

With the New Year comes a great way to customize your items even further. Now you can combine the power of promotional products with personalized packaging! Imagine taking a pair of promotional sunglasses and putting them in an individualized custom box. Custom packaging turns a gift into a true brand advocate, strengthening brand recognition, and adding perceived value! It’s also a great way to include more information to a promotional gift!

The Why:

Add organization to admitted events, alumni gatherings, and recognition ceremonies with custom boxes, sleeves, bindings, and more! With a retail-look, low prices, and low quantities custom packaging helps take your gifts to the next level.


4. Port and Company- Fan Favorite Tee

The What: PC450LPC450V

This 100% ring spun cotton tee is a softer, lighter, and more high end style of cotton that gives this a perfectly relaxed feel.  Coming in sizes S-6XL the Fan Favorite Tee features that heathered appearance that’s on our Top Trends list of 2016. Not to mention, this tee already comes in 31 genuine Collegiate and Professional Sports Team colors!

The Why:  

These tees are the premiere choice for volunteer days, admissions, and alumni events! The Fan Favorite is the perfect lived-in tee that’s sure to be worn again and again.  

5. Tattoo/Scratch-Off Postcards

The What:tatoo

Time to liven up your direct mailers by adding a custom tattoo or scratch-off! Choose from their hundreds of stock designs or create your own.  Available in the classic temporary, PrismFoil Metallic, Glow-in-the-Dark, Glitter, or Tear-Off.

The Why:TattoosToPostcards

Temporary tattoos and scratch off’s are an interactive way for students to show their support at admitted events, sports outings, welcome week, and more!

6. Emoji Stress Balls

The What:littleballs

Nothing’s more relevant than emoji’s right now. Emoji’s are so popular 2015’s Word of the Year was “  ” We’re staying on trend with these new Emoji stress balls! All of our
favorite emoji’s made the cut: Yikes, ILY, Wink Wink, Happy Face, and LOL.


The Why:


Emoji stress balls delight at admitted events, in Finals Survival Kits, and at departmental giveaways. If you’re looking for
something on trend that student’s will not only recognize, appreciate, and keep then these are the ones for you!


7. Printed Cables

The What:462852

Bring brand recognition to students and faculties everyday lives with the all new Micro-USB to USB Cables. Phones aren’t leaving our hands anytime soon and unfortunately in 2016 our phones still need to be charged. Why not add your brand to an everyday much needed item? One of a kind, full-color, photo-quality imprinted cables highlights their precision, color, and high-definition detail on both sides. Compatible with all micro-USB ports including Apple®.

The Why:

This charging cord will stand out from the crowd and be the ultra-modern promotional gift that you’ll be thanked for! Great for admitted events, welcome gifts, alumni events, and more!

8. Plantable Paper

The What:

Being eco-friendly is always a positive that’s why we added plantable paper to our top 10 list!  Good old fashion paper can be replaced with all-natural seed paper to create endless promotional products!

The Why:

Bookmarks, coasters, coupons, postcards, greeting cards, letters, business cards , event invitations, and more!  Adding eco-friendly materials to an everyday item creates memorability and helps our planet stay green!

9. Keyboard Sticker

The What:  keyboard sticker for your college

This is the perfect way for your students to show their support and school colors! The vinyl ultra-removable keyboard sticker offers brilliant digital color and durable material.

The Why:

These are a fun and interactive item that we’re excited to feature this year! Individualize your departments by adding a custom keyboard sticker to computers or hand them out at admitted events!

10. Promotional Books

The What:

Did you ever think a published book could be a promotional product? Well now it can be! This unique product actually allows you to customize published books on the market.  Everything from the Giving Tree to The College Dorm Survival Guide is available for customization.  Modifications like a cover imprint, a page insert, a full color wrap, and custom book jacket are all possible with The Book Company.


The Why:

First of all, this is just cool! Have you ever seen anything like it?  Books make incredible promotional items because books are kept, read, shared, and even displayed; never thrown away! We love the idea of books for welcome packs, scholarship events, recognition events, and even giveaways.



2016 Top 10 Promotional Products for Businesses


1. EOS Lip Balm

What is it?:

EOS has come to the promotional products world and we couldn’t be more excited! These uniquely spherical lip balms made their explosive start in the retail world and their growth has only accelerated. Not only do we love the duo packaging option pictured above, we love EOS’s quality. Containing an antioxidant-rich formula featuring vitamin E and soothing shea butter, EOS keeps lips soft and moisturized throughout the work day.

Why we love it?:

Nothing says thank you like an EOS Lip Balm. Consider these for employee appreciation, administrative professionals, or even health focused events.  With 8 color and flavor options EOS’ take on the classic Lip Balm makes a great promotional gift with a large imprint area!



2. Phone Port

What is it?: phoneport

This all new phone port is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for. With a simplistic and clean design it not only charges one phone, it can charge 4 at once. The twist on the modern phone port upgrades the use-ability, imprint area, and memorability of this great gift!

Why we love it?:

Phone ports are great simply because everyone has a phone! They’re forever useful; but this port takes it to the next level. These are the perfect gifts to welcome new employees, staff giveaways, and even incentive programs.

3. The Tile

What is it?:

The Tile is a new product perfect for forgetful minds. This device fits perfectly on your key ring and works to track your most needed daily items. Simply attach a Tile to an item, use The Tile App on your phone to locate it, and within seconds the Tile is chirping with sound to help you on your quest!  Need to find your phone?  Press the Tile to loudly ring your lost phone; it’ll even switch it off of silent mode in order to ring!

     The best part of the product is the app works to create a network of all Tile users across the world. That means if you’ve lost your phone at an airport or even another county, The Tile App will connect with other users Tile’s to help search for yours!

Why we love it?:

Amazing right? We think so! Imagine a promotional gift like this one. Not only is this just extremely helpful, but it’s something that will be kept and used every day. When you include a company logo the value simply increases with more use. We think these are perfect gifts for administrative professional’s day, incentive programs, and giveaways!

4. Tech Trap

What is it?:

Let’s face it, we love our gadgets. Phones, laptops, tablets, headphones, speakers, etc.  and not to mention all of the cords to go with them! Well that’s where the Gird-It steps in. Organizing tech becomes a breeze with Grid-It’s unique weave of rubberized elastic bands perfect for holding personal objects firmly in place.  This “tech trap” is designed to provide an endless configuration of objects, digital devices, and personal effects; making this a universally useful item.

Why we love it?: customized grids

Our gadgets aren’t going away any time soon which makes this the perfect promotional gift! Your staff, engineers, designers, and everyone else will thank you for the added organization in their lives! Useful, modern, trending, personal, and a daily use item makes the Grid-It a true top 10!


5. Promotional Books

What is it?: books

Did you ever think a published book could be a promotional product? Well now it can be! This unique product actually allows you to customize published books on the market.  Everything from the Giving Tree to The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook is available for customization.  Modifications like a cover imprint, a page insert, a full color wrap, and custom book jacket are all possible with The Book Company.

Why we love it?:

First of all, this is just cool! Have you ever seen anything like it?  Books make incredible promotional items because books are kept, read, shared, and even displayed; never thrown away! We love books for recognition, business outreach, employee appreciate, and even giveaways. When you give the gift of reading; your clients won’t be disappointed!


6. Kitted Sets

What is it?: kiy2

An easy way to bring your promotional gifts to the next level would be to “kit” them. To “kit” is an industry term we use to describe more than one item being bundled together in one gift.


Why we love it?:kit1

This is your one stop shop for a promotional gift. Everything from hats & t-shirts, water bottles, bags and water bottles, tech gear, and more can be kitted together! Kitted items make the perfect gifts for office incentive programs, health days, acknowledgement gifts, and more!



7. Plantable Paper

What is it?:plantable


Being eco-friendly is always a positive that’s why we added plantable paper to our top 10 list!  Good old fashion paper can be replaced with all-natural seed paper to create memorability and helps our planet stay green!


Why we love it?:

Greeting cards, letters, business cards, coasters, event invitations, and more! The possibilities are endless!



8. The Galagalaplate

What is it?:

Haven’t we all been to an event where we’re trying to hold an appetizer plate, a drink, and still have a free hand to golf, shake hands, or converse?
Well The Gala puts us all to shame with its simple yet effective design. No more balancing cheese and crackers on top of your drink as you make introductions. This single-finger plate allows the beverage to easily nestle alongside it as it’s held in place by the user’s index finger.


Why we love it?:

This is truly the ultimate cocktail plate to make the attendees of your next event mingle with ease! With a large imprint area and high quality heavyweight plastic there’s no doubt these will be a hit and make a lasting impression!



9.Wooden Desk Gifts

What is it?woodendesk

No wood grain isn’t coming back (at least we hope not) but what is coming back is wood.  That’s why we’ve included a few of the brand new wooden desk items of 2016. Wood has a high perceived value and is a relatively inexpensive material making these gifts a unique and affordable option.

Why we love it?:

Wooden desk gifts are a great way to welcome new employees, recognize years of service, and ensure your brand is always top of mind!


10. The Force

What is it?

Do these look familiar? If they do you’re probably familiar with the brand Swell that’s taking the retail world by storm! We’re staying on trend with our industries version, The Force! Double walled, stainless steel, thermal, with copper vacuum insulation available in sizes 34, 26, and 17 ounces.


Why we love it?:

We are seeing these bottles everywhere! They’re trendy, extremely useful and features a huge customizable imprint area. Perfect for health focused events/days, employee incentive programs, and holiday gifts!





Tech Related Idea for High School Counselors

In one of our most popular posts, Top New Promotional Products for Colleges, we shared a few desk-related promotional ideas that could be given to high school counselors. Note pads, stone coasters, tech-stickers, pennants, and phone holders are just a few ideas that we include in our High School Counselors Showroom.  To keep on trend with new products in the industry, we wanted to spotlight a tech-related idea that high school counselors would find useful and fun.

Discover the Wedge Mobile Device Stand

The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand is a fully customizable, colorful desk item that also can be used as a screen cleaner.  With 81% of all promotional products being kept because of usefulness, the Wedge will showcase your brand in a high-visibility work area for a long time.




The Wedge Mobile Device Stand and Cleaner

Helps keep device screens smudge free.

Side doubles as a screen cleaner.

The base can be used as a screen cleaner.

Artwork is printed on a single piece of fabric, offering a fully custom imprint area with full color dye sublimation for vibrant graphics. The base of the Wedge is available in standard grey or black, though other special edition colors are now available for an extra punch of color.  An antimicrobial coating prevents the buildup of mold, mildew, and odors. The fabric is 100% microfiber. It’s extremely soft and the entire item has a bean-bag like feel, so it’s easy to hold onto when cleaning a screen. The Wedge is handmade in the USA. Here’s a picture of the phone stand in use.

Mobile Device Stand in use

Colorful, multi-functional tech accessory will be appreciated by high school counselors

We recommend imprinting your brand name on the rounded, rectangle shape that is readily visible when the phone is in place for maximum exposure. In testing it out in our office, the Wedge held my phone at a comfortable angle, so it was both easy to read and touch the screen without sliding around my desk. Numerous colleagues are using the Wedge on their own desks because it’s such a functional and fun product.  It’s bound to be appreciated and will help keep your school top of mind with school counselors or other referral sources.

Link: View More Details and Pricing on the Wedge

Want more ideas? See our High School Counselors Showroom or contact us to discuss your recruitment plans.

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2015 Top Admissions Promotional Items

2015 Top New Promotional Products for Colleges



Top 5 Most Popular Admissions Promotional Items

In working with over 100 colleges nationwide, we start to see some patterns across campuses. Similar promotional items are purchased to help make schools more memorable for prospective students.  Differences occur, however, in exactly how promo items are used and integrated into recruitment marketing. Direct mail, high school counselor gifts, event support, social media integration, campus tours, and open houses are just a few common applications.  Whatever the use, promotional items WORK to effectively reach prospective students.  Without further ado, here’s our list of five most popular items for admissions departments:

Top 5 Most Popular Admissions Promotional Items

1. Table Covers – a college fair and event “must-have”

Spandex full color table cover

Fitted Spandex Table Cover

Table covers are available in several styles:

  • Fitted: spandex, full-color option (pictured above), inverted, pleated corners.
  • Throw: draped across table.

Choose from 6 foot, 8 foot, or Convertible lengths.  For maximum impact, a full-color wrap imprinting is available in the fitted spandex table cover. Additional table covers allow for full- color or single-color imprints on the front panel. To view some of our favorite table covers, visit our event support showroom.

2. Pennants – most iconic of ALL promotional items for colleges. Prospective and current students, staff, and alumni (especially those who are high school counselors and teachers) will proudly display a pennant to show their loyalty, endorsement, and plain old LOVE for a school.

Felt Strip Pennant

Felt Strip Pennant

Want to learn more about pennant material types and pricing options? Look no further than our Pennant Buying Guide.

Pennant Buying Guide3. Decals – Ideal for direct mail. We have created decals and stickers for several admissions clients that are included in admitted and deposited student mailings. Many decals have been successfully tied to social media photo contests.

custom postcard decal

One option we like is the new custom postcard decal (pictured above) because it can be mailed without an outer envelope.

4. Stone Coaster – This is an example of a popular desk item to keep your school top of mind with high school counselors.

coaster image from chair

This absorbent coaster stone is perfect for a favorite mug.  It comes nicely packaged in a small box, so it’s ready to hand-out and recognize key constituents.

5. Pens – an essential admissions item

Where would you be at an event without pens? This is a mainstay in every admissions department.  Choose from a wide variety of thickness, grips, clicks, colors and price points to fit your objectives and budget. Search our online catalog, or contact us to help you narrow down the thousands of pen options.

felt tip stylus pen

Fiber-tip Stylus Pen

Following the technology trends, stylus pens have been extremely popular lately.

What did you think of the list?  Are there favorite promotional products that you would add? We’d love to hear what you think!


A Tech Item that Sticks Around

Did you know 81% of all promotional items are kept because of usefulness? This statistic directly ties to our most popular promotional tech item for students – the DigiClean – that can be used again and again to clean screens of electronic devices.

We have written about the DigiClean in the past, but as we have continued to work with schools on this product, we continue to learn more about why it is such an outstanding product.  This blog post highlights DigiClean’s key differentiating features and includes actual product reviews from our clients.

Reminder How it Works
As described in the DigiClean Phenomenom, it is safe and easy to use. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

DigiClean Plus Benefits

You’ll notice that we primarily sell the DigiClean Plus simply because it is the best device screen cleaner available on the market. Several key features make the DigiClean Plus a superior product:

  1. Aggressive adhesive can attach to any surface.  Some phones or cases have a matte finish or are rubberized. DigiClean Plus easily adheres to ALL mobile phones and almost all cases. According to the manufacturer’s video, the DigiClean original, a step down from the Plus Series, only adheres to 75% of mobile phones and 60% of smartphone cases, leaving the question: how important is it to have your branded promotional items work and be used? The newly released DigiClean Xtra has improved upon the original adhesive, but still remains a value-priced “good” but not best option.
  2. Two-sided imprint – DigiClean Plus uses a clear adhesive, so you can imprint on both sides with full color graphics.
  3. Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial – prevents the growth of bacteria on the micro-fiber cloth.
  4. Long lasting. We have enjoyed using the DigiClean Plus on our own phones. Michael has frequently promoted and demonstrated how the DigiClean works on his iPhone. With heavy use, the DigiClean Plus has lasted Michael for one year.
  5. Included marketing postcard.  For no additional charge, clients can choose to have the final DigiClean adhered to either a 3.5″x6 marketing postcard  or a 2″x3.5″ business card, giving additional space for custom messaging, tracking URLs, or social media sites. This is preferred to other lower-cost screen cleaner products that come individually packaged in a plastic bag or bulk packaged in one large plastic bag. The postcard or business card make it easier to handout, store, and track the effectiveness of DigiCleans.
Digi Clean

Example of 3.5″x5″ included full color marketing post card with product instructions on back, and Digi Clean front and back.

Recent Product Reviews
Our customers have been kind enough to share their positive feedback on their DigiClean Plus orders. The consensus seems to be that Digi Clean is a great, high quality product that definitely has a “cool” factor.

DigiClean Plus – P+ Series (Pad) 5.0/5.0

Great Product

Our customers love them. Everything about these was awesome; the printing is beautiful on both the cleaner and the card, they stick like magic, and clean screens very well. They are our favorite promotional giveaway. Magellan did a wonderful job with the layout and turnaround time.


DigiClean Plus – B+ Series (Medium) 4.0/5.0

Great Product for the cost

Beware of knockoffs of this brand and type of product. I have tried other versions that are cheaper, but am glad I finally made the right call to go with Magellan and this specific product. You get what you pay for, and other companies’ version of this product is cheaper for a reason – the quality simply is not there. So while I wish this product could be cheaper, it is a good value for what you pay. The quality is high and the presentation of the product is excellent – it comes on its own “business card” with customize-able text. Other brands I have tried were delivered in a giant zip lock bag all jumbled together and sometimes stuck together. I highly recommend this specific version of a cell phone screen cleaner pad.


DigiClean Plus S+ Series Small 4.0/5.0

Cool, New, Hip Product

After the first minute of confusion when people pick it up and ask “What is this?” They really fall for this product. It is new and current and a great way of promoting our brand while making it a fun accessory for your smart phone.

The DigiClean remains sticky but it starts fraying around the edges. So that is my only concern is how long it can go before the fraying makes it unusable.

Overall I am very happy with this product and am very happy that there are directions for people on the backside.

Available Shapes and Sizes

Sizes range from small screen cleaners (I-Series and S-Series), standard to medium (A-Series and B-Series) and up to larger tablet or notebook cleaners (T-Series and P-Series). Numerous shapes, including squares, circles, heart, t-shirt, football, oval, and teddy bear, are available.

DigiClean Template

Artwork instructions and templates are included for both the DigiClean screen cleaner itself and the included business card or marketing card.  Please click on the links below to download the template.



Want to learn more about DigiClean? Read our case study, visit our DigiClean Product Showroom, or feel free to contact us.

Supporting Admissions with Promotional Marketing

As with anything in life, sometimes it just comes down to timing.

We sent a mailing to our professional contacts with a sample of a unique product: the web key. Though at first glance they don’t look too exciting, web keys are cool and useful for several reasons:

  1. Targeted: web keys drive traffic to a specific URL when plugged into a USB port
  2. Measurable: use web metrics to track results
  3. Cost: web keys are less expensive than USB drives

Dana Grennier at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) received our mailing and sample web key at just the right time. She was part of a team that was launching a new social network platform called Bridge, developed in partnership with 7Summits. The web key was the perfect promotional item to promote Bridge to prospective students.

Beyond traditional marketing tactics, MSOE staff handed out web keys at college fairs, high school visits, open house events, and other higher education meetings.  Read the full story on how promotional marketing supported MSOE admissions’ goals in our case study library.  

Web Key promoting Bridge

Front and back of the Web Key used to promote the new Bridge website: a platform for high school students to interact with admissions.

Ripon College Class of 2017 Water Bottle Photo Contest

After researching, presenting, and helping our clients select the best promotional items for their projects, we really enjoy receiving feedback on the item and the results of our client’s overall program.  It is truly rewarding to know that we have played a part in an organization’s efforts to meet their goals.  This positive feedback is what makes our jobs fun and exciting each and every day!

Side view of Ripon College water bottle with mascotSide view of Ripon College water bottle

When we reconnected with our friends at Ripon College, we were thrilled to hear about their Class of 2017 Water Bottle Photo Contest program.  This was the first time they incorporated promotional items in their strategy to encourage newly admitted and deposited students to interact with the Class of 2017 Facebook page.  They mailed students a stainless steel water bottle packaged in a red mailing tube, so it would definitely stand out.

This contest was successful in creating engagement with the new class, leading to new interactions and conversations in the social media space.

water bottle mailing tube


Want to learn more about the contest and featured water bottle?  Click on our link below to read our case study:

Ripon College Class of 2017 Water Bottle Photo Contest