Mailable Yard Signs

Yard signs from Magellan Promotions are now more cost-effective to mail

As budgets continue to get tight, we want to make sure our clients can still afford to take advantage of our mailable yard signs. So we created a new inexpensive way to send yard signs by postal mail.

By using a plastic stand, and packaging each sign in a polybag, we reduced the total weight and lowered the cost to mail them. 1,500 yard signs are $7.43 each and include the sign, an insert card, as well as packaging and fulfillment costs. You can also save on the cost per packaged sign since the per-unit rate drops by ordering more. For example, 2,500 would cost $6.73 and 5,000 would be $6.08 apiece. Postage would just be an additional $1.50 apiece. Learn more about our new Mailable Yard Sign Package.

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Taylor University uses yard signs to maintain student engagement

Example of a mailable yard sign package with a collapsible plastic frame.

The admissions office at Taylor University was looking for a way to boost branding and help current students feel connected with campus, and the mailable yard sign provided a way to meet both needs in one product.

So we produced and coordinated mailing the signs directly to student homes on behalf of the university, which was closed and didn’t have the ability to send mail. Using elements from an integrated messaging campaign, the sign included graphics showing well-known places on campus along with the hashtag #NotDefinedByGeography. Shortly after they began arriving, excited students and families began posting photos with the hashtags.

This yard sign solution can be ordered with or without the package, which provides flexibility for mailing them or having them to hand out at future in-person events.

Our Account Managers are here to recommend the best option

Our team at Magellan Promotions can handle the complete solution – from simply providing the yard signs and frames – to packaging and mailing them out on your behalf. Contact your Account Manager to find out how we can put make mailable yard signs to work for you!