How Likely Are You to Recommend Us?

A big thanks goes out to all of those who participated in our recent one-question survey. We all know that recommendations from our family, friends and coworkers are highly valuable when making a major decision, so our one question was “How likely is it that you would recommend Magellan Promotions to a friend or colleague?”

This survey style is called the Net Promoter Score, a customer satisfaction benchmark that is used worldwide by businesses to gauge their level of service. We like it because it’s quick and easy to respond to (we had over 50% participation on our survey) and it gives us a good idea of how we’re doing.

We were honored by the results, with our score continuing to be in the “excellent” category. Some of the feedback participants gave us included:

  • Everyone we worked with at Magellan provided excellent service. They were responsive to our questions, very timely when responding, and stayed on top of our project even though it took a while to get it off the ground. The finished product was great and I would recommend Magellan to anyone.
  • Customer service is excellent. Very quick response time from staff. I switched to Magellan from another vendor because your pricing was much better. Your company is doing an excellent job!
  • Magellan always has a creative idea or fix for our next promotion and is able to work within our price points.
  • I love working with Magellan! They are always quick to respond and work very hard to ensure quality.
  • Easy to work with, quick response times, set realistic expectations, and help us make things happen (even last minute)
  • Very friendly staff with a great selection of products and competitively priced.
  • Every experience I’ve had with Magellan has been wonderful and every person I’ve worked with has been excellent. I’m always very pleased with the experience AND the product.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in our Net Promoter Score survey, we always welcome your feedback, any time of the year!