2015 Magellan Product Showcase

The 8th Annual Magellan Product Showcase was our BEST event yet! We welcomed a record number of customers and industry partners to our lunchtime event at The Hamilton on Milwaukee’s east side. It was the perfect venue and day to celebrate being in business for ten years with our customers. Everyone enjoyed getting together and checking out new promotional items for their marketing efforts.

Magellan Promotions Staff with 10 year Anniversary Cake

Magellan Staff (Cathy, Elise, Michael, Rachel and Julia) celebrating 10 years at the Magellan Product Showcase.

Ten industry-leading suppliers displayed a wide variety of promotional products. From tech and drinkware, to pens and umbrellas, the event highlighted promotional items for any budget range.  Each attendee received several product samples, which may have included:

  • Kor Vida bottle
  • Charge it Up Power Bank
  • Webkey
  • Mood Magnet
  • Hustle Sports Bag
  • eGrips
  • Consuelo Pen
  • Revolution Umbrella
  • Rope Disc

For links to highlighted products, including the raffle items, please visit our Product Showcase Showroom.  If you have any questions on these products, please let us know.

highlighted promo products

Some of the highlighted products attendees received.

Favorite Products

Based on attendee feedback, several promotional products stood out as guest favorites:

  1. Camelbak water bottles
  2. Infuser water bottles
  3. Web keys
  4. Charging devices
  5. Extended Arm Umbrella

Can you find these products in the pictures below?

wide variety of promo products

So many cool promo products.

Top trends include matte finish on drinkware and pens, growler related items, pet products, technology items, and blender bottles.

Here are a few images taken during the event.



Thank you to all attendees and industry partners for making it a fun, memorable event! It is a pleasure to work with such wonderful people. We can’t wait to host another great Product Showcase next year!


Spring Clean Up to Support Earth Day

As part of Magellan Promotions’ Giving Back Initiative, we participated in spring clean-up activities on Saturday, April 18th.  Along with Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail and Milwaukee Riverkeeper, our Magellan crew of six ventured around Miller Park area, the largest volunteer site for the event.  In all, over 4000 volunteers would be cleaning up at 50 sites in the area!  Across town Julia Buraczewski volunteered at a clean up at Kletzsch Park.

Here were a few pictures from our day:

Magellan Promotions crew getting reach to clean up the trail

Michael Wolaver and his oldest son (younger son not pictured, but also a helper), Cathy Olig, and Elise Mannebach at Miller Park clean up site.  Photo Credit: Ben Falk

This marked the 20th Anniversary of the River Cleanup for Milwaukee Riverkeepers.  Their main goal is to make rivers fish-able and swim-able. Everyone who volunteered received a t-shirt with a fun design and numerous sponsor logos on the back.  As a promotional products company who runs t-shirts, we ALWAYS recommend t-shirts for volunteer days.  It’s a great way for River Keepers to gain more exposure in the community each time a volunteer wears and re-wears the shirt.

We found this kid's bike in the river!

Can you believe we found THIS in the river?!

As you can imagine, a lot of plastic bags, plastic packaging, and broken glass bottles were found along the trail. In some cases, larger pieces of debris were in and around the river. Our crew noticed a tire sticking out of the edge of the river and realized an entire kid’s bike was in there!  With a few extra hands and some elbow grease, three people pulled THIS out of the river.

Sunny day along the river.

Sunny day along the river.

We’ll have to revisit the trail when everything is in full bloom! It really is a beautiful space – one that we were happy to help clean-up as a small way of giving back.

Let us know if you participate in a spring clean up! Happy Earth Day!

Clever Promotional Product Mailings Help Land Dream Client

Michael Wolaver shared an interesting excerpt related to promotional products from a book he was reading called The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus with 12 Key Strategies by Chet Holmes. In the chapter called “The Nitty Gritty of Getting the Best Buyers,” the author talks about specific tactics used to land dream clients.

Through a multi-pronged, targeted direct mail campaign to the biggest OEM manufacturers, the sales team was able to schedule appointments with half of their top 100 dream prospects. These appointments were extremely successful with 100% testing the product and ultimately making a purchase.

How did they achieve such a successful campaign? The answer is simple – great marketing helped them gain attention and stand out from competitors.

Details on the Direct Mail Campaign

First, they sent out an offer letter that promoted free education and research – something that was valued among their prospects.

Two weeks later, a similar offer letter was sent, but this letter included a promotional item. A Rubik’s Cube with the headline: “This Rubik’s Cube has more than four billion possible combinations. Fortunately, there are only five that you need to worry about when it comes to being a successful manufacturer in the new millennium. Don’t be puzzled by the dangers facing manufacturers! Get our free education today!”Promotional Products Work

Follow up phone calls and role play to fine tune their script further enhanced the effectiveness of the mailing with the Rubik’s Cube.

Over the next five months, mailings with promotional items were sent to their dream prospects. Catchy headlines tie in with the products, such as:

  • Flashlight: “Don’t be in the dark about the five biggest dangers facing manufacturers.”
  • Compass: “Most companies are losing direction when it comes to manufacturing in today’s environment. Don’t be one of them. Get our report on the five biggest dangers facing manufacturers today.”
  • Tape Measure: “If you want to measure up to the highest manufacturing standards, get our free report on the five most dangerous trends facing manufacturers.”

Each promotional item and message tied in with the company’s theme and overall strategy. With repetition and follow up phone calls, the company’s brand and offer resonated with their audience, leading to half of the recipients to schedule meetings.

Isn’t that Costly?

Yes, it DOES cost more when you invest in 3D mailings that include promotional items. However, such an investment to a TARGETED group of top prospects was a worthwhile expenditure because it helped open the door and ultimately make sales for the sales people who conducted follow up calls. A promotional item is much more memorable than receiving a letter alone. Who could forget receiving a Rubik’s cube after all?!

As with any marketing cost, the bottom lined must be considered. In this case, if the mailers helped secure just ONE new client, which were the biggest companies the company would target, it would pay for the mailers for twenty years.

Clever, Targeted Marketing Works

The targeted direct mail campaign, follow-up calls, and appointments helped turn this company around from losing money to making $2 million dollars the following year. Investing in promotional items and unique mailings truly helped gain top prospects’ attention, build a positive brand image, and generate sales.

One huge client even said in a follow-up call

“Oh, yes, I am so glad you called. I just HAVE to have you come here and meet with me… Because I’ve been getting all those little gifts of yours and I just think your marketing is super.”

Consistent, creative, and targeted marketing can help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For some ideas on how to enhance your direct mail efforts, read our blog post or contact us for an Idea-Storm session.

Attention Grabbing 3D Direct Mail Ideas

For direct mail that really stands out in the mail pile and grabs attention consider adding dimension, eye-catching colors, and a promotional item. According to industry research, investing in direct mail will help deliver a bigger bang for your buck.  Consider the following stats:

  • 4.4% is the average response rate of standard mail (Direct Marketing Association).
  • 3D mailings receive a 250% better response rate than standard mail (Direct Marketing Association)
  • A direct mail piece that includes a promotional item can increase response rates by 50% (Silver Marketing Group Study).

While a color imprint, unique shape or bright sticker may help draw more eyeballs to standard flat mail, 3D packaging provides a larger canvas for imprinting artwork and messaging. Here are a few 3D direct mail ideas that can enhance your next mail campaign:

Imprinted Mailing Pack

One sample that exemplifies this is the Poly Pak.

Poly Pak imprinted packaging

Full color promotional mailing packet gives you more messaging space for your brand.

Imprint in full color on both sides of the packaging to showcase your company.  This would be one way to spruce up mailing envelopes used for sending literature.

The Greeting Cube

For smaller packages with more durability, the Greeting Cube is an ideal option. Saint Louis University used this packaging to mail USB drives to prospective students for the John Cook School of Business. Imagine what your school, business or organization could create for each of the panels by looking at the Saint Louis University images below:

Greeting Cube assembled

The Greeting Cube is 2 3/8″ – a very cute package!

Pricing includes the cube assembly, product insertion, and shrink-wrapping. Additional personalization is available through variable printing, so individual names could be imprinted for an additional charge.

Outer side of the Greeting Cube

Flat outside of the Greeting Cube includes assembly instructions and pre-affixed adhesive.

Inside of the Greeting Cube

Inside design of Saint Louis University’s Greeting Cube


Another 3D packaging mailing option is BookWear, a shrink wrapped book-shaped package that contains a promotional item. As indicated in the recruiting college students information, BookWear has a high open rate and conversion rate due to its novel appeal. Here is one collegiate sample of a compressed t-shirt inside of BookWear:


Front cover of BookWear

Front cover of BookWear – shrink wrapped to enclose neatly folded, compressed t-shirt

BookWear Back cover

Artwork wraps around back cover and binding.

The standard print area for BookWear is 9 inches wide by 4.5 inches high, though custom sizes are available. See our BookWear Showroom for more details. You can also view this YouTube video to see other samples of BookWear items.


3D Direct Mail Case Study

Last but not least, we recently helped law firm DeWitt Ross & Stevens with a 3D mailing that included an imprinted phone stand promotional item and informational insert. This was a very creative and successful branding initiative for the firm. Learn more about how we helped recommend the right promotional item and more specific details of their prospecting mail campaign in our 3D Direct Mail Case Study.

3D direct mail case study images

Imprinted box, phone holder with card inserted

3D or lumpy mail is a worthwhile investment for helping increase response rates and overall effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns.  For more ideas, peruse our direct mail showroom, or contact us for more information.