2015 Top Admissions Promotional Items

One thing that is true of the promotional products industry is there are literally THOUSANDS of products! It’s easy to search and search for the perfect idea with so many choices, which can get a bit overwhelming.

That’s where we come in.  We sort through the latest ideas for 2015 and organize them into categories to make it easier for you to find what applies to your school and organization.  We did just this with our notes and pictures from the PPAI Expo to highlight several trends and top promotional ideas for admissions departments.

New Ideas for Admissions

2015 promo ideas for admissions departments

New products for college admissions.

Starting at the top left, we’ll discuss how each promotional idea relates to admissions marketing.

  1. Custom Imprinted Box – 3D direct mail really makes a statement.  We’ve seen some creative admissions acceptance mailings, and we think a custom imprinted box would be a fun way to say, “You’re IN!”  For a smaller sized mailing, we especially like the Greeting Cube, which can be imprinted on both the inside and outside of the box. A higher value mailing could also be used to target specific student populations at various stages of the enrollment funnel.  According to the Direct Marketing Association, 3D mailings receive a 250% better response rate than standard mail, so it’s a great way to keep prospective students engaged with your school. For more direct mail ideas, see our Direct Mail Showroom.
  2. Mini Polaroid Camera – as we talked about in Help Students Picture Their Future at your School, a Polaroid camera would be a fun way to instantly provide a picture to a prospective student visiting campus.
  3. Tech Tattoos – These ultra removable decals are an inexpensive, safe and easy way to personalize electronic gadgets. The stickers are designed for laptops, tablets, e-readers, cell phones, music players, game consoles, and more. People love to show school spirit on their devices, making these tech tattoos ideal for prospective students (either in a direct mail piece with information or an event handout).  We also would recommend custom sticker sheets, such as the ones Wartburg College created with us.

    design your own sticker sheet

    A custom sticker sheet is another direct-mail friendly and new product for prospective students

  4. Luggage Tag – These high quality, embroidered luggage tags are a favorite idea for admitted students. It could easily be used in a get ready to “pack your bags” and come to our school themed event or mailing.
  5. Custom Pen Holder – Do you have a landmark on campus that would make a fun, custom pen holder?  This is a unique idea for high school couselors. There are so many options – check out the catalog here. Desk items are a gold standard among promotional products, meaning your brand gains more exposure when its displayed on a desk.
  6. DigiClean Mailer – We’ve written about the DigiClean many times (NACAC Top Products, DigiClean Testimonials, as one of our most popular tech screen cleaning promotional items.  DigiClean products come affixed to a direct mail card, so additional school information can be promoted on a larger space than the DigiClean itself. DigiClean and DigiGrip are items that literally “stick around” and resonate with tech-savvy prospective students. Click here for a link to the DigiClean Showroom.

Which items are you most interested in for your school or college? Let us know if you’ve seen any unique promotional products that colleges are using in the comments below.

Looking for more product ideas? See our Top New Promotional Products for Colleges blog post.

2015 Trends: The Growler

While attending the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, some clear trends emerged after walking through the show floor.  One interesting trend in drinkware (as featured in 2015 New Products for Business and photo highlights) was the growler. The increasing popularity of craft breweries and home brewing has helped the growler emerge as a popular vessel for beverages.  Many brewpubs and breweries will sell growlers, which is typically a 64 oz container, or howlers, which is a half-growler or 32 ounces. It’s an ideal way to bring home fresh beer!

Recognizing this popularity, the promotional products industry displayed a wide array of insulators, carrying cases, and 32 – 64 ounce beverage containers.  Here were a few images of what we saw.  Click on the image for a link to product details.

Growler Koozie sample

This was one of many growler items at the PPAI Expo.

Growler carrying case

Carry your growler in style with this insulated carrying case.

growler cover numo

Another sample insulator for a growler

Growler-related promotional items are perfect for brewpubs, breweries, restaurants or bars. Since this is a relatively new product category, customers will certainly appreciate the unique, novel appeal of these items.

Here’s a snapshot of a wide range of drinkware trends we saw this year.

2015 Trends in Drinkware Promotional Items

So many drinkware options

For more information about trends in drinkware or other new for 2015 promotional items, give us a call at 414-831-0184.

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