5 Best Promotional Products of 2014

As we reflect on the year, we discussed the 5 best promotional products of 2014 with our team. These items were most popular among our clients, personalized and imprinted with their brand for connecting with target audiences. Without further ado, we present the list of trending items for the year:

  1. Phone Wallet: This phone wallet became one of Michael’s favorite new items early in 2014.  He’s used it for several months as his wallet on his iPhone. Our clients agreed with Michael, ordering the phone wallet for promoting their brand. It’s designed to work specifically with iPhones, but would easily adhere to other phones as well. Using a strong, 3M adhesive, the phone wallet is securely attached to the phone and snugly holds cards in place.

    Phone wallet keeps cards and ids snugly in place

    The Phone wallet is a popular tech accessory.

  2. Charge it Up Power Bank: On the go chargers have been a big hit in 2014! We recently wrote a case study about how University of Minnesota Student Unions & Activities used the Charge it Up Power Bank as a prize to encourage student involvement.  This is part of the ever-popular, fast growing tech category of promotional items, which is a clear winner with tech savvy students, staff, and clients.


    The Charge it Up Power Bank easily charges devices on the go.

  3. Texting Gloves: As winter is upon us, we have run numerous orders for texting gloves.  These are a very useful winter accessory that could be worn daily to brave the cold. What an excellent way to showcase your logo!
    Texting Gloves with logo on cuff

    Another tech-related item – texting gloves – have been popular this year.

    action shot texting gloves in use

    We tested the texting gloves at the office. They worked well with our smartphones and kept our hands warm!

  4. Winter Hats: A warm hat is an essential for cold winters! This is one of our favorite, USA made knit hats because of its retro look with the knit-in lettering. Poms are also a fun, trendy feature.

    knit in logo winter hat

    This knit-in logo hat has a retro feel and looks great in school colors.

  5. Spandex Table Cover: This is a new take on an event and college fair essential. The fitted spandex table cover provides a large canvas for full-color wrap imprinting that is bound to stand out at any show. To view the fitted spandex table cover and additional table cover options, visit our event support showroom.

    Spandex full color table cover

    New fitted, spandex table cover has a wrap-around full-color imprint.

Which of the 5 promo items did you like best? Let us know if there is any SWAG you’d add to our Best of 2014 list!

Contact us with any questions or for additional promotional product ideas.

How to Find the Right Promotional Item

One of first questions that comes to mind when selecting promotional items is:

What are we going to give our target audience?

With over 24,000+ items available, this can be a daunting question.

As promotional Idea Explorers, we love to investigate options to help you answer this question.  With a little background information on the your audience and desired distribution, we go to work discovering the best promotional products for you.

There are MANY Right Answers

We discover and present several options for you to review, selecting items that can effectively target the lifestyle, needs, values, and aspirations of your audience.  The better you know your audience, the more tailored the promotional item can be. While still being brand-related, promotional items should be relevant and useful.  In almost every case, promotional products are appreciated, as a tangible “gift” from your organization. Nevertheless, the right idea and quality does impact usage and effectiveness, so it’s important to select and invest wisely.

Consider these two statistics from PPAI industry research:

  • 53% of consumers use promotional items ONCE a WEEK or more!
  • 47% of consumers KEEP promotional items for ONE YEAR or longer!

Promotional items have a high potential frequency and longevity! The right item can be used again and again, exposing your brand to your prospects or customers on a regular basis.  Compared to other media, promotional products have a relatively low cost and provide repeated exposure to a message, since items are kept for so long – that’s effective advertising!

Case Study: Finding a Prized Tech Item

To illustrate how well-selected promotional ideas help promote your brand, we share a case study from the University of Minnesota’s Student Unions & Activities. They needed an item to increase awareness of their brand and encourage involvement from college students, faculty, and staff. Learn how Magellan Promotions account manager shared a top tech product idea that became the perfect prize for the Student Unions & Activities contest. Read Case Study.