The Big Reveal – Our Website Makeover

It has been a long time coming.  We knew we needed a website makeover and had begun talking internally back in January 2014.  Wishlists and priorities were identified.  Vendors were sought out and reviewed.  Proposals were received and negotiated.

Finally, we selected Cultivate Communications, coincidentally located down the street from our office, to be our marketing agency on this project.

As a team, we shared our goals for merging our corporate site,, with our collegiate site, At the top of our list was a clean, modern-looking, easy-to-use website. From there Cultivate dove in, presenting a new and much improved site map, wireframes, and more!

The highlight of this process was our photo shoot in early June with Photographer Dan Bishop and the support of Johnathan and Phil from Cultivate.   Here were some behind the scenes pictures that we took:

photo shoot at magellan promotions

It was a tough job – being “hand and ear models” with promotional items, but we were up to the challenge!  As you can see below, the photographer’s pictures were extremely high quality (unlike my camera phone). Each staff member posed with his or her favorite promotional item.

From top left to right:

  • Michael Wolaver, Owner, poses with a backpack
  • Cathy Olig, Director of Marketing “flies” the airplane stress toy
  • Terri Kuhlman, Accounting Clerk, shows her team spirit
  • Elise Mannebach, Account Manager, loves the Contigo coffee mug
  • Paige Sederberg, Account Manager, looks cool in retro shades
  • Michael searches for our next awesome promotional marketing idea
Magellan Promotions Photo Shoot 2014

Magellan Promotions Staff show off their favorite promotional items. Photography by Dan Bishop

As to be expected, technical difficulties ensued with our old collegiate site, so Cultivate reacted quickly, crafting a landing page until our new site was ready.  After Mark and the team at Cultivate worked their magic, we carefully reviewed the site in development, and gave it a green light!  We were pleased to launch the site in early July and have continued to tweak content.

A website is never truly “done” after all!

For full effect, here’s the before and after:

Magellan Promotions Before and After Website Makeover

What do you think?  We’d love to hear your feedback.  Can you relate to this web design process?

New Product Highlight: DigiGrips Screen Cleaner and Mobile Grip

The DigiClean Screen Cleaner is one of our most popular promotional items.  When a new product in this same line was introduced, we decided to take a closer look.  The DigiGrip Plus Anti-Slip Wipes is a screen cleaner AND a phone grip that sticks to your phone, including most cases, even if rubberized or heavily textured.


DigiGrips Detail Cleaner and Mobile Grip
Similar to the DigiClean Plus, it includes full color, two sided imprint, including the sticky side that adheres to your device.  Photos, QR codes, phone numbers, and locations can easily be imprinted on the DigiGrips Wipe itself or on the included custom 3.5″ x 6″ Marketing Card or 2″ x 3.5″ Business Card!

DigiGrips includes a marketing card
With the cleaning power of DigiClean® Screen Cleaners and the gripping strength of egrips® material, this product combines the best features of two top selling products.  If you no longer need the egrips® function, remove the clear rubber and it converts to a full screen cleaner.

Photo quality, dye sublimated microfiber picks up dirt and oil, unlike cheap screen-printed microfiber pads that simply smudges screens.
With the highest quality graphics in the industry, dual functionality, and superior quality, DigiGrips® will be your favorite product!

To find DigiGrip Anti-Slip Wipes, view the Product Showroom, or call us at 414.831.0184.

Help Stop the Melt – 5 Ways to Integrate Promotional Products into Social Media

“Most schools will see a melt of 2-3% of their incoming class,” according to Bob Patterson, the Director of College Outreach for Zinch, a Chegg service, who discussed Summer Melt on edTech Digest.

Some of the strategies he outlined to prevent summer melt included creating a social network for deposited students and simply getting students excited about coming to campus.

Students Engaged Online = Less Likely to Melt

Encouraging accepted and deposited students to join and participate in a school’s social media sites is a common goal at EVERY higher education institution throughout the year, and most importantly during summer. To increase participation, it may take some incentive for students to actively post on an incoming class’ social media site.

To increase social media engagement, many colleges creatively use promotional products to promote and drive usage on incoming class sites.  A tangible item is a fun way of saying “thank-you for choosing our school” and an appreciated reminder of your school and its dedicated social media sites over summer. Here are a few promotional product ideas that collegiate clients frequently integrate with their social media campaigns:

Product Ideas for Social Media Integration

  1. Contests: Use promotional items as a prize on social media contests. Ripon College hosted a water bottle photo contest with the Class of 2017.  It was successful in creating engagement with the new class, leading to many new interactions and conversations in the social media space. Learn more in the Ripon College Case Study.

    Ripon College Water Bottles used in Facebook Contest

    Ripon College Water Bottles used in Facebook Contest

  2. Imprinting Twitter handles and social media accounts on a t-shirt.  Bloomfield College has been hosting a t-shirt promotion for three years.  Once students took a picture of themselves with their Accept Certificate and posted it online, they would be mailed a t-shirt.  According to Bloomfield College, each year the number of posts surpasses the previous year, making this promotion a big hit with students.  Learn more in the Bloomfield College T-shirt and Social Media Promotion Case Study.


    Bloomfield College T-Shirt and Social Media Promotion

  3. Stickers / Decals: These are a low-cost, direct-mail-friendly item that can easily be imprinted to direct students to social media sites for admitted / deposited students.  One college we worked with created bumper stickers to include in an admitted student mailing.  Students were encouraged to post pictures of themselves with the bumper sticker on the admitted student Facebook page.

    Midland Prep Two Sided Postcard Decal

    Postcard on one side and decals on the other. Available in white or clear with an adhesive or static cling

  4. Phone Screen Cleaner: The DigiClean phone screen cleaner is one of our most popular tech items with colleges.  It comes pre-attached to a postcard or business card, leaving an ample canvas for featuring a QR code, social media icons, and hashtags for incoming students. Read more in the DigiClean Case Study.

    DigClean Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner comes pre-affixed to a postcard, making it ideal for direct mail, not to mention extremely useful for students.

    DigClean Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner comes pre-affixed to a postcard, making it ideal for direct mail, not to mention extremely useful for students.

  5. Picture-worthy Promo Items:  a custom frame with the hashtag #FutureBadgers for the University of Wisconsin – Madison was used to integrate social media into campus tours, allowing prospective students show their excitement and actively endorse UW Madison to their own social networks.  This frame could also be created for Class of 2018 at admitted student days or orientation activities. Learn more about it in the Custom Frame Case Study.


    Custom Frame is a fun photo-opp for students with a specific hashtag for online sharing.

Social media plays a key role in building community and helping students find their place at your school.  It’s essential to effectively promote admitted / deposited student sites to minimize the melt.  Consider using promotional products to help engage and excite students throughout summer.