Best of 2013: Admissions Promotional Marketing (FREE Webinar on January 9, 2014)

On Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. CST, Michael Wolaver will present a thirty minute webcast on 2013 Best Practices – Admissions Promotional Marketing.

Best Practices Admissions Promotional Marketing

Preview of Prezi for January 9, 2014 Webinar

This is a free webinar.  Click HERE to register. 

Are you looking for new and exciting promotional marketing ideas to “wow” prospective students? Do you want to learn what other colleges are doing with this marketing medium? Are you interested in market research to show what works?

Webinar Overview: Admissions Focus

This webinar will focus on admissions departments’ use of promotional marketing, though similar product ideas and marketing tactics can also be applied across campus.

Promotional marketing industry research will be shared to illustrate the effectiveness of this advertising medium – part of a growing, $18 billion industry. This webinar addresses the main benefits of promotional items and provides a comparison to other media types. 

Using Promotional Products Along the Funnel. We’ll share how promotional products are incorporated into each stage of the enrollment funnel based on the three categories below:




  1. Raise Awareness – starting relationships, event awareness, driving web traffic, staying in front of high school counselors (and other referral sources)
  2. Increase Engagement – enhancing the campus tour experience, integrating with social media campaigns, and more promotional ideas and tactics
  3. Build Excitement – help “seal the deal” through admitted student direct mail, events, targeting specific students with personalized promo items, and tying into social media efforts to build community.

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About our Presenter

Michael Wolaver, owner and founder of Magellan Promotions, has over nine years marketing and branding experience in the promotional products industry.  Magellan Collegiate Promotions, a division he created in 2011, has worked with over 60 schools and colleges located across the country. Prior to founding Magellan Promotions in 2005, Michael has worked in purchasing for Fortune 500 companies in the Greater Milwaukee and Chicago area.  Michael earned his undergraduate degree from Marquette University and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Much More than Tchotchkes.

Tchotchkes. Trinkets. Trash. Swag. Promotional products go by so many names.  The power of promotional products is much greater than just the “stuff.”  Promotional products can motivate, recognize, brand, appreciate, communicate, and start a relationship. With over 83% of people saying that they like receiving promotional items, this is truly a marketing medium that is here to stay – whatever you decide to call it.

In terms of media sales, promotional items are an $18 billion industry that is growing. In 2012 sales were up 4.4%, reaching the highest level in five years and the third-best year ever. UPDATE – Last year sales reached the $19.8 Billion mark, making it the industry’s best year ever!!

While it’s smaller than other media types, as indicated in the chart below, promotional products are an effective part of any marketing mix.

Media Sales Comparison chart

Source: Promotional Products Business Magazine, May 2013
Sales shown in $ Billions

Promotional items can easily be integrated with other forms of media, such as product placement, event marketing, and direct mail – just to name a few.  Look at this brief list of examples:

Product placement

  • Coca Cola Cups used by American Idol Judges
  • Coffee mug used by local news anchor
  • Apparel  worn for TV / video appearance
  • Banners placed for best camera angles

Event Marketing

Direct Mail

Gain higher response rates when including a direct mail premium.  In a Silver Marketing Group Study, the direct mail piece that included a promotional item increased response rates by 50%.  In addition, the direct mail piece that featured an offer for a promotional item increased response rates by 400%, when compared to a letter only.  Some ideas to consider:

  • Three-dimensional mailing with a promotional item
  • Larger size or colorful direct mail piece with an offer of a promotional item
  • Encourage visiting your booth at event – for example send ½ of a pen and receive the other ½ at the booth

As with any successful marketing campaign, it’s essential to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.  A relevant and useful promotional item can reinforce a marketing message to your audience.  Repeat exposure increases the likelihood of recall, which can ultimately lead to action.  PPAI research shows that more purchases are made after a consumer receives a promotional product than after viewing a TV, print, or online ad.  Promotional items stay in front of your target audience to help close the deal.

When planning to buy promotional items, be sure that it is tied into a plan.  Too often promotional items become an afterthought, which can limit its effectiveness of reinforcing a brand’s message.  Rely on an experience promotional consultant, who will understand overall objectives and the target audience to select a useful item that will be appreciated.  We at Magellan Collegiate Promotions are here to help make promotional marketing work in tandem with existing efforts to help rise above the stigma of “trinkets and trash.”  Contact us for ideas on more than just tchotchkes.

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