How to Drive and Track Website Traffic

In a recent blog post, we shared our latest case study, where Milwaukee School of Engineering used web keys to successfully promote and drive traffic to a new admissions website.  Web keys were the ideal solution for MSOE – a more affordable option than USB drives that seamlessly directs users to a pre-programmed URL when plugged into a USB port.  Although it COULD have been passed along to another prospective student, the web key is typically only used one-time.

In jockeying for prospective student’s attention, websites are still a top resource for high school juniors and seniors, according to the Noel-Levitz E-Expectations report (here summarized with the Top 7 Most Interesting Findings for #highered at 90% of students have accessed a college’s website within the past month, typically on a computer, which makes a USB / web launcher promotional item useful for driving traffic. How do you know the number of impressions attained from the web key?  Besides programming a unique landing page on the web key, tracking is rather limited.

Better Tracking for Web Visitors

With additional reporting and data collection features, the all new iCue ups the ante on the webkey, making it a more effective way to drive and track website traffic.

Here are a few highlights of the iCue web launcher:

  • Better Tracking – when an iCue is plugged into a computer, data will be sent to the administrator’s page.  This will provide data on the number of impressions or view rate as a result of iCue.
  • Optional one-time registration allows for collecting additional data about your target audience. From the admin panel, you can easily add and customize the desired questions. The collected data will show up in the administrator’s panel, giving information on which recipients used the product, making it very easy to schedule follow-up calls or emails with these contacts.
  •  Re-programmable: administrators can easily re-direct iCue to another website, so it can be used multiple times. Once registration was completed, a user will no longer need to input his or her information on subsequent plug-ins.
  • Included full color postcard – ideal for direct mail. Since iCue comes attached to the postcard, it can easily be handed out at events without getting lost.
Green Power paper iCue

Sample iCue with 5×7 full color postcard – promote an incentive on this card to help drive traffic to your school’s website. Ideal for direct mail or handing out at events.

Creative iCue Ideas

With new and improved features, iCue can provide effective tracking to help direct follow-up efforts and contribute to calculating return on investment (ROI). Here are a few additional ways to use iCue:

  1. Contest or Sweepstakes – give users an incentive to plug in the iCue again and again. Update content to keep your audience engaged for multiple-visits. Promote contest details and drawing dates on the included 5×7 postcard to encourage repeat visits. Incentives for students include: coupon to your university book store, waive or reduce the application fee, voucher for athletic events, or branded promotional items.
  2. Event Handout for high school counselors (or students) to direct them to a website or the cloud for the latest student guidebook. Imagine how “green” this would be, not to mention cost-effective with savings on the cost of paper and printing.

Additional iCue Options

In lieu of launching a website, iCue can direct users to cloud space. The cloud is hosted by a third-party and can be password protected if desired.  Once again, iCue is still less expensive than a USB drive, so this may be an affordable way to store student guide books, college handbooks, class descriptions, schedules, financial aid information etc.

The iCue can also be made in custom shapes to make a bold statement.  This would be perfect for your school’s initials or mascot.  Check out the Aflac duck shape.

iCue custom duck shape 2 iCue custom duck shape

If you’re interested in a trackable, engaging promotional item for directing your target audience to a specific website or documents in the cloud, iCue is THE ideal solution.

Want more ideas on ways to engage prospective students?  Visit our ways to increase engagement page as part of our admissions resources.

Falling for Four Fun, New Products

We recently attended a show that highlighted the latest promotional products. We especially fell for four new products that really seem to be on-trend.

Mason Bottle

Maybe we can blame it on Pinterest because we are seeing Mason jars almost everywhere.  The first promotional item is a fun, mason jar-like BPA-free, beverage container that comes in nine different colors.  It is made of acrylic, so it is more affordable and durable than a glass mason jar.

mason bottle

25 oz. Mason Jar Bottle

Re-usable Red Solo Cup

Whenever anyone sees this product for the first time, they can’t help but pick it up and say, “Wow, that’s fun!” The all new CUP is inspired by the Red Solo Cup (and I am hearing Toby Keith’s song in my head), arguably one of the most popular cups of all time.  This cup is much more durable and greener than the disposable solo cups with a double-walled, insulated construction. It is re-usable and ideal for tailgating, picnics, or alumni celebrations! Available in nine different colors, The Cup is BPA free, USA made, and holds 16 oz. of your preferred drink.  An optional white lid is also available.

re-usable red solo cup

16 oz. The Cup – available in nine colors

Felt-tip Stylus Pen

We’ve seen other stylus pens with rubber tips, but we really like this one because it has a new and different felt-tip stylus. It is extremely easy to use, smoothly sliding across the surface of mobile devices. With the upscale look and great performance, we think this is one technology product that will be a big hit.

felt tip stylus pen

Fiber-tip Stylus Pen

Aqua Pearls Hot / Cold Pack

This is an aqua gel bead therapy pack that is both microwave- and freezer-safe for a hot or cold pack. This is a useful health and wellness item in fun new colors at an affordable price point. It would be ideal for promoting recreational sports, intramural sports, or even stress relief during finals week.

hot / cold pack

Aqua Pearls Hot / Cold Pack  7.5″ x 4.5″

What do you think of these new products? Do you have a favorite?  Contact us for more information.

Customize your own Mug for Long-lasting Promotion

How would you like a mug that can feature your brand, while leaving space for your customer’s own personalization?  We LOVE this idea for so many reasons:

1. Students are more likely to use a promotional product if it is targeted and useful. Students and coffee on campus are often synonymous, and bringing your own mug is becoming commonplace (and promotes eco-friendly behavior!).

2. Members Gen Y and Gen Z are considered “All About Me” generations, so they would wholeheartedly embrace an opportunity to customize their mug.

3. Beverage containers are a long-lasting endorsement that students will use on a daily basis.

The EVO Tumbler

We first learned about the EVO from one of our top suppliers. In the video below, Paul Rizzo demonstrates how it works.


Branding options

Choose from the EVO colors below and place your logo on the outer, clear shell.  As mentioned in the video, you can also design full-color paper inserts.

the EVO available in 10 different colors

The EVO tumbler is available in so many vibrant colors!

Evo green

Here’s a green tumbler with a logo on the outer shell that is currently posted on our website.

I did a test-run in the office with a sample white EVO mug.  I visited to download a template of my choice (Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Illustrator).  Each option provided comprehensive, easy to follow instructions.


The EVO mug dis-assembled: clear outer shell, white core, and lid.

Using the Word template and some imagery, I created a fun, bright future design, cutting it out on the provided guidelines and easily inserting it between the clear outer shell and inner core of the mug.  Here’s my finished product:


My own EVO design

Final Recommendations
1. Print your logo on the outside of the EVO tumbler, so your brand will be promoted regardless of what is placed on the inside.


2. Consider pre-printing your own design inside in a larger quantity.  Imagine having a full-color scene from campus inserted in this mug.


3. For targeting specific students, you could print or handwrite his or her name on top of the pre-printed color image.  A dry erase marker can also be used on the outside and easily wiped off.


This is truly a customized and memorable promotional item that we think could be very effective.