A Tech Item that Sticks Around

Did you know 81% of all promotional items are kept because of usefulness? This statistic directly ties to our most popular promotional tech item for students – the DigiClean – that can be used again and again to clean screens of electronic devices.

We have written about the DigiClean in the past, but as we have continued to work with schools on this product, we continue to learn more about why it is such an outstanding product.  This blog post highlights DigiClean’s key differentiating features and includes actual product reviews from our clients.

Reminder How it Works
As described in the DigiClean Phenomenom, it is safe and easy to use. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

DigiClean Plus Benefits

You’ll notice that we primarily sell the DigiClean Plus simply because it is the best device screen cleaner available on the market. Several key features make the DigiClean Plus a superior product:

  1. Aggressive adhesive can attach to any surface.  Some phones or cases have a matte finish or are rubberized. DigiClean Plus easily adheres to ALL mobile phones and almost all cases. According to the manufacturer’s video, the DigiClean original, a step down from the Plus Series, only adheres to 75% of mobile phones and 60% of smartphone cases, leaving the question: how important is it to have your branded promotional items work and be used? The newly released DigiClean Xtra has improved upon the original adhesive, but still remains a value-priced “good” but not best option.
  2. Two-sided imprint – DigiClean Plus uses a clear adhesive, so you can imprint on both sides with full color graphics.
  3. Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial – prevents the growth of bacteria on the micro-fiber cloth.
  4. Long lasting. We have enjoyed using the DigiClean Plus on our own phones. Michael has frequently promoted and demonstrated how the DigiClean works on his iPhone. With heavy use, the DigiClean Plus has lasted Michael for one year.
  5. Included marketing postcard.  For no additional charge, clients can choose to have the final DigiClean adhered to either a 3.5″x6 marketing postcard  or a 2″x3.5″ business card, giving additional space for custom messaging, tracking URLs, or social media sites. This is preferred to other lower-cost screen cleaner products that come individually packaged in a plastic bag or bulk packaged in one large plastic bag. The postcard or business card make it easier to handout, store, and track the effectiveness of DigiCleans.
Digi Clean

Example of 3.5″x5″ included full color marketing post card with product instructions on back, and Digi Clean front and back.

Recent Product Reviews
Our customers have been kind enough to share their positive feedback on their DigiClean Plus orders. The consensus seems to be that Digi Clean is a great, high quality product that definitely has a “cool” factor.

DigiClean Plus – P+ Series (Pad) 5.0/5.0

Great Product

Our customers love them. Everything about these was awesome; the printing is beautiful on both the cleaner and the card, they stick like magic, and clean screens very well. They are our favorite promotional giveaway. Magellan did a wonderful job with the layout and turnaround time.


DigiClean Plus – B+ Series (Medium) 4.0/5.0

Great Product for the cost

Beware of knockoffs of this brand and type of product. I have tried other versions that are cheaper, but am glad I finally made the right call to go with Magellan and this specific product. You get what you pay for, and other companies’ version of this product is cheaper for a reason – the quality simply is not there. So while I wish this product could be cheaper, it is a good value for what you pay. The quality is high and the presentation of the product is excellent – it comes on its own “business card” with customize-able text. Other brands I have tried were delivered in a giant zip lock bag all jumbled together and sometimes stuck together. I highly recommend this specific version of a cell phone screen cleaner pad.


DigiClean Plus S+ Series Small 4.0/5.0

Cool, New, Hip Product

After the first minute of confusion when people pick it up and ask “What is this?” They really fall for this product. It is new and current and a great way of promoting our brand while making it a fun accessory for your smart phone.

The DigiClean remains sticky but it starts fraying around the edges. So that is my only concern is how long it can go before the fraying makes it unusable.

Overall I am very happy with this product and am very happy that there are directions for people on the backside.

Available Shapes and Sizes

Sizes range from small screen cleaners (I-Series and S-Series), standard to medium (A-Series and B-Series) and up to larger tablet or notebook cleaners (T-Series and P-Series). Numerous shapes, including squares, circles, heart, t-shirt, football, oval, and teddy bear, are available.

DigiClean Template

Artwork instructions and templates are included for both the DigiClean screen cleaner itself and the included business card or marketing card.  Please click on the links below to download the template.



Want to learn more about DigiClean? Read our case study, visit our DigiClean Product Showroom, or feel free to contact us.

Supporting Admissions with Promotional Marketing

As with anything in life, sometimes it just comes down to timing.

We sent a mailing to our professional contacts with a sample of a unique product: the web key. Though at first glance they don’t look too exciting, web keys are cool and useful for several reasons:

  1. Targeted: web keys drive traffic to a specific URL when plugged into a USB port
  2. Measurable: use web metrics to track results
  3. Cost: web keys are less expensive than USB drives

Dana Grennier at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) received our mailing and sample web key at just the right time. She was part of a team that was launching a new social network platform called Bridge, developed in partnership with 7Summits. The web key was the perfect promotional item to promote Bridge to prospective students.

Beyond traditional marketing tactics, MSOE staff handed out web keys at college fairs, high school visits, open house events, and other higher education meetings.  Read the full story on how promotional marketing supported MSOE admissions’ goals in our case study library.  

Web Key promoting Bridge

Front and back of the Web Key used to promote the new Bridge website: a platform for high school students to interact with admissions.

Promotional Products Industry on the Rise

We’re happy to share some outstanding news from our industry.  2012 sales results were up 4.4% to reach $18.5 billion – the highest level in five years and third-best year ever. Here at Magellan Collegiate Promotions we are on track to break many of our own sales records as well. This growth has led us to increase our account management team, so we can continue to deliver exceptional service.

Promotional products are among the top ten annual marketing expenditures according to a Gartner Inc. study.  Multiple media types are experiencing growth along with promotional products. Mobile phone and internet advertising are growing at the fastest rates year over year at 110% and 15%, respectively.

Top product categories have remained relatively consistently as broken down below:

Promotional Products 2012 Sales by Category

Want to learn more about the year end numbers for the promotional products industry? Read the complete article from PPAI.

For more stats on the effectiveness of promotional products, view our promotional products work page.