Highlights from the 2013 Magellan Product Showcase

We recently held our sixth annual Magellan Product Showcase on Tuesday, April 16th at Dave & Buster’s in Wauwatosa.  A wonderful group of our favorite people – who also happen to be our customers – had a chance to interact with the Magellan Promotions team and six industry leading suppliers to learn about the latest trends and new products for 2013.  We shared ideas to help support promotional marketing projects over a fun and relaxing lunch time event.

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Check out our Video of Highlights.

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From event tents, tablecloths, and small giveaways, to eco-friendly drinkware, tablet holders, and moisture-wicking perforance polo shirts, we featured THOUSANDS of products at this event! Technology items: holders, chargers, USB drives, laptop sleeves and other electronics seemed to generate a lot of interest this year.  Customers also enjoyed checking out options for shirts, bags, coolers, water bottles, mugs, coasters, pens, and natural products.  We were asked about cow bells, leather wine bottle holders, and wine aerators.  Our answer was, “Yes! We can help you with that.”

Each attendee received the following free samples:

Stay tuned for more videos and featured products from participating suppliers. Thank you to everyone who attended! We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event!

Five Ways to be Green at Work

At Magellan Promotions, we strongly believe in being stewards of the environment.  The responsibility of caring for our planet can easily be transferred to our own office environment.

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share a few ways to be eco-friendly at work.

1. Monitor and buy energy efficient equipment – The electricity that powers our office is from 100% renewable energy!  We also use compact fluorescent lights.

2. Bring your own cup – Bringing your own cup, coffee mug, or water bottle with you daily can have a BIG environmental impact when you consider how many paper, plastic, and Styrofoam cups or bottles are tossed every day! Billions of drink containers are disposed annually MINUS THIS ONE! Be part of the solution.We designed this logo to help promote bringing your own beverage container.  Many of our clients have placed their brand on one side of the mug and our custom-designed minus one logo on the opposite side. This is powerful promotion – especially when you consider how frequently you use your favorite mug.

Two environmentally friendly drinkware products that we love are the Eco-Pint glass – made from bamboo fiber and the Coffee Cup Insulator for days when you somehow forget your travel mug! At a recent trip to the coffee shop, I was even asked if I needed a java jacket. I did at the time, though it would be very convenient to simply leave your own coffee cup insulator in your car or work bag.

3. Think before printing and RECYCLE!  – I have often seen “Think before you print this page” in email signatures, and it really does make me pause to consider if I really need a hard copy.  In many cases, the answer is NO.  You can also use printed paper that is no longer needed as scrap paper.  When its use is completely exhausted, be sure to dispose of it in the proper recycling containers.

4. Reduce your carbon footprint – consider carpooling, using public transportation, riding a bike or walking to work.  Our office is conveniently located to give our employees several “green” commuting options.

5. Buy Eco-friendly – MANY products available are now produced using environmentally friendly processes.  This trend has also reached the promotional products industry with more and more products being made with eco-friendly materials including recycled, biodegradable, bamboo or organic material.  Check out almost 200 eco-friendly products including eco-friendly pens on our online catalog.  Buying eco-friendly promotional products can help align your marketing efforts with your brand and corporate identity.  With customers becoming more eco-conscious, this may be a trend to consider following for your upcoming efforts.

How often do you bring your own beverage container?  How are you being green at work or home on Earth Day this year?

Trending – Big Headphones

As we all know, styles come in and out.  Bell bottom pants, neon sunglasses, flannel shirts and tight jeans have come, gone and come back again through the years.

One recent trend that is making a comeback are large headphones.  For a while, the smaller the better was cool.  Now walk around a college campus and you will see a number of students wearing large headphones.  While small ear buds still dominate (to see all of our ear bud options, click HERE), the larger headphones certainly make a statement because they cannot be missed as they are subtle like their small counterparts.

Designears Custom HeadphonesIn 2013 we have seen a number of new larger sized headphones that can be custom imprinted enter the promotional product industry.  Our favorite option are the Designears Custom Headphones.  While being the most expensive option that we offer, they have the largest imprint area and can be imprinted in full color on both sides and over the top.  Best of all, they only have a minimum order of one and there is no set-up charge! So you can order one pair for your program with your logo and information for $53.19 plus freight!   If you order more than one, the pricing drops.  That is an incredible deal.

Due to the high cost, we realize that these are in a different category than most promotional products.  Here are some ideas as to how to use these headphones:

  • Raffle/Incentives – With the retail look and customization, these headphones are certainly be coveted.  So these can be used for events on campus to attract students and use as a raffle prize. From open house and orientation to student concert series and young alumni events, there are numerous campus events that these can be used as prizes.
  • Retail – With the demand for these types of headphones and how they can be customized with the low minimum quantity, there is great potential for these to be sold to students, fans and alumni.  This can be through the bookstore, alumni, athletics or clubs and activities on campus.

Have any input or thoughts on these types of headphones? If so, please comment as your comments and input are always appreciated!