Take Note of the Desktop Whiteboard

We often refer to desk products as the gold standard of promotional products because they are seen so often. So post-it notes, cell phone holders, coasters, desk calendars and mouse pads are some of our most popular promotional products since their cost per impression is so low.

Well we have a new desk product to throw in the mix that is perfect for the college student called the Desktop Whiteboard.  The Desktop Whiteboard is a stand alone dry erase board that fits nicely on a desk.  It measures around 4″ wide and 4.25″ high and comes with a dry erase pen that fits into a hole on the top.  It is made with a lightweight dry erase board material that is sturdy enough to use over and over.

We have partnered a local production department to make these.  Thus this is this not widely available and is a Magellan Collegiate Promotions exclusive product.

Since this is a promotional product, it can be custom imprinted.  The top and the back of the product can be customized, allowing a good amount of space to market a program, school or department.

For colleges, there are a number of ways that departments that can use this product. For example, residence life can use it to give to new students and include important hall information, athletics can print schedules on the back, restaurant operations could publish their hours of operation and public safety can print safety numbers.  There are many more ways that colleges can use this useful product to raise awareness and inform.

One of the best features of this product is the cost.  The minimum order is only 100 pieces and runs under $2 each.  For 1,000 the pricing drops all the way down to $1.08 each.  To see a complete list of pricing and learn more about the Desktop Whiteboard, click HERE.  If you could like to see a sample, please contact us.

So create awareness and market your college program, department, school or service through the Desktop Whiteboard.

What I Noticed This Holiday Season

My family and I went holiday shopping this winter on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. It is a crazy scene but is fun, festive and is neat to see so many shoppers and tourists walking around on a cold December day.

One of the things that I noticed were all the red American Girl shopping bags being carried up and down Michigan Avenue. Since we have two boys, we are not part of the American Girl scene, so my wife had to fill me in. She told me how popular the dolls are with young girls and how the company has an incredibly strong following.

We ventured into the American Girl store for a couple of minutes.  It is a high end feel with red carpet and all of the dolls, clothes and accessories are nicely showcased and laid out.  The dolls and accessories are really expensive, but that did not seem to dampen the spirit of the shoppers as the store was packed.

At home that night, I thought about two marketing takeaways from my American Girl experience that day.

1. Creating Awareness through their Bags – The bright red American girl bags certainly stood out.  This was another good example of how powerful bags are as a promotional product.  While they are needed to carry merchandise, they advertise your brand to the public when you leave the store.  In addition, everyone carrying the bags is showing that they endorse the brand since they invested in the product.  As you can see from the picture, these are not inexpensive bags.  They have cords for handles and are a nice paper material.  So the company carried the brand forward, not cutting corners with their packaging.  These bags are a perfect reminder that promotional products are outstanding products to create awareness.

2. Emotion vs. Practical Marketing – As study after study has proven, marketing on emotion is so much more effective than marketing on practical reasoning. American Girl is a perfect examples of this.  The reality is there a lot of dolls out there that are probably just as nice and are a lot less expensive.  However American Girl is selling the experience of having an American Girl doll.  So this becomes an emotional need and as MasterCard loves to say, that makes them “priceless”. This is a great reminder for anyone who markets a business.  It is always more effective to market an emotion than the practical information.

I was impressed with the American Girl experience and wish all marketers in 2013 the success that this company has found.

Michael Wolaver – Magellan Collegiate Promotions

Styling With The Stylus

Styling with the Stylus

When I hear stylus, I often think of the now ancient Palm Pilots (or if you were like me, a Handspring) of the 1990’s.  The stylus’ were what you needed with these devices to take notes and update your tasks (I never did master writing in graffiti).  However with the touchscreen revolution, the stylus’ of yesteryear slipped into the background.

However the stylus has recently re-emerged as a useful tool for smartphones and tablets.  They are handy for people who do not like fingerprints on their screens and would rather write and tap with a stylus vs. a finger.


As a promotional product, this new style of stylus is on fire.  Many of our partners have added new options and tell us that these are one of their hottest products, not just in their tech product line, but overall!  The new stylus looks much different from the old version.  They are wider like a pen and feature a round soft tip.  There are a number of stylus options to choose from, including metal or plastic, short and long, and versions that dual as a pen.  The pricing for most custom imprinted range from around $1 to $5.

So if you want to give out a useful and hot promotional product, consider a stylus.  To see the options that we have to offer, click HERE.

Let us know if you want to see a sample and/or discuss options.  Happy tapping!

by Michael Wolaver, Magellan Collegiate Promotions