The Data Fountain: Up To 16GB of Storage At Your Fingertips

Looking for a great way to promote your college to current and/or prospective students?

Look no further.  The Data Fountain USB pen provides its users with a unique multipurpose pen and flash drive combination.

The Data Fountain exemplifies the ultimate luxury in modern technology: A pen and a flash drive combined into a sleek, easy to use package.

The Data Fountain is the perfect promotional item for any department because it provides students with a trendy and extremely useful tool.  Students are always in need of more ways to store papers, projects and other class related items; The Data Fountain gives them a convenient location for all of their storage needs.

Unlike your typical flash drive pen, The Data Fountain is available in multiple colors and features a non-executive feel.  Storage space ranges from 512MB to 16GB in the removable flash drive.  The Data Fountain is also available with custom imprinting on the pen and/or the flash drive.

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