Finding an effective, inexpensive and intriguing way to market to prospective students is a common dilemma that many colleges and universities have today. The DigiClean microfiber screen cleaner provides an easy solution to all three of those problems, all while giving prospective students something concrete that they will use every single day.

As stated, the DigiClean is a reusable microfiber screen cleaner that can be used for all personal electronic devices. The DigiClean features an adhesive underside, which makes for easy application to the back of a cell phone, iPad, Laptop or any other personal electronic device. What makes the DigiClean unique is that it can be used time and time again. The adhesive on the underside stays sticky regardless of how many times you use it! With the DigiClean, cleaning your electronics is as easy as peel, wipe clean and re-stick! If the DigiClean gets dirty, it can be washed under cold water and re-applied to the back of your electronic device. The DigiClean can be printed with full color custom artwork on both the microfiber and adhesive side. The DigiClean comes attached to a postcard sized mailer that also features full color custom artwork and provides a great space for colleges and universities to get information out to prospective students.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Lakeland College both used the DigiClean to reel in potential freshman to their college campuses. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh featured their logo and motto on the DigiClean itself, and featured numerous links to their social media sites on the mailer to engage the prospective students. By providing a Twitter trend, a QR Code and other social media links, The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh created an easy and simple way to track the success of the DigiClean mailers. Lakeland College featured their logo and website on the DigiClean itself, and featured a link to their website as well as a QR code on the mailer.

The DigiCleans were well received in both instances, and were considered to be a successful marketing tool for both campuses!

Digi Clean