Custom Retro Sunglasses

Retro sunglasses exploded on the promotional product scene last year and were one of the most popular items we carried.  2012 shows no signs of slowing down. With summer approaching and fall kick off events just around the corner these glasses will work perfect for orientation, young alumni events, homecoming, or tailgate parties.

Embellished Styled Sunglasses

Custom Sunglasses

One of the new products that we have for this year is we can customize the sunglasses to better fit with your school and/or event color scheme.  Instead of just having your school name and/or logo, these glasses have a retail look that stand out and really show school spirit.  There are two main customization options to choose from.

The Embellished Design Sunglasses (pictured above) have a full color logo on the frame and temples.  The example shown features a logo step and repeated on the frame.

The Temple Design Wayfarer glasses (pictured below) come with a one color imprint on the temple and custom colors.

Both glasses can be imprinted on the lens for an additional charge.

Basic Styled Sunglasses

Since these are custom made, allow 90 days for production.

Have students and supporters enjoy the sunny days this summer and fall – contact us through email or at (414) 831-0184 to learn more.

Going Custom Overseas

Our industry has two main methods of product customization, domestic and overseas.  When working domestically, most products are manufactured in an overseas factory and are shipped blank to U.S. warehouses.  The product is put into inventory, printed on demand, and shipped to the consumer.  In overseas production, we use these same factories but instead of shipping the product blank, they are customized overseas and ready to be shipped to the customer when they arrive in the U.S.

Last year we ran more custom overseas projects than ever before and are on track to do even more this year.  The shift from domestic to overseas customization has numerous advantages; there are four significant reasons that our clients choose to run their products overseas.

Hand Dropping Money in Piggy Bank

Pricing – College departments want to outfit students and supporters in retail quality apparel and goods; unfortunately ever tightening budgets do not always allow for the funding for these orders.  The most popular reason for having a product printed overseas is price.  When we print the product overseas, it saves money since the product does not have to be inventoried and then be printed domestically.

Custom Messenger Bag

Design – When we run product overseas, we are able to build the products from scratch.  So we can take an existing product and then begin to customize it.  For instance, we can take an existing bag and then make modifications to the product.  So the client can get a unique product that fits exactly with what they are looking for.  (See our latest Case Study for an example of how HigherEd Web customized their own messenger bags for a conference giveaway.)

Blue and Black Sweatshirts

Colors – When we run products domestically, we are limited to the pre-selected colors that are in inventory.  When we run custom overseas products, we are able to match pantone colors and build a product that matches school colors exactly.

Custom Overseas Hat

Decoration – When a build a product from the ground up, our decoration flexibility grows exponentially. One popular product to run overseas is hats since there are so many unique options that are not available after it is already made.  This is the same true for other products, such as bags.  Typically we are limited to a certain imprint area when we print domestically and when we run overseas, the imprint area typically is across the entire surface of the product.

Unfortunately, overseas is not perfect for every need.  Production and shipping time averages 90 days and minimum order quantity is fairly large.  These variables do differ between products, so if you are interested, contact us and we can let you know if your project qualifies.