Spirit Tumbler: Total Brand Marketing


Acrylic Tumbler Cups

Acrylic tumbler cups are all the rage right now. But what are acrylic tumbler cups you ask? Well, like water bottles, these cool reusable cups can house any sort of liquid you are drinking.  However, unlike conventional water bottles, tumbler cups have a unique design that make them look and seem like that ordinary cup and straw you might get from a fast food joint – only better. Instead of flimsy little fast food cups that will eventually be used once and then thrown away, acrylic tumbler cups have been popping up as a fun alternative. Made of plastic, tumblers can be washed, used, reused, and enjoyed time after time. They are as handy and convenient as a water bottle, but more fun to use!

Although all these interesting cups function the same, some are better for imprinting and capturing people’s attention better than others. The Spirit Tumbler is an acrylic tumbler cup that stands out amongst the rest.

Duel Imprint Areas

Spirit TumblerThe Spirit Tumbler has a unique printing method that is sure to make your logo pop! The cup has two different layers in which to print on. The inner layer of the tumbler offers a full wrap imprint design area. On this layer, you can use a design or picture of your own, or choose from one of the 12 fun full wrap design stock images.

The outter layer of your cup will showcase your logo. The duality of the two layers working together creates a unique visual. This dimensional inlay will make your logo stand out and give you a distinctly branded product that is unlike other tumbler cups on the market right now!

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Why Spirit Tumbler Cups?

The duel imprinting technique on these specially made cups is a brand new feature, never been done before. This process printing makes it so your logo is not merely just printed on a tumbler cup, but is specifially fitted within a design to give it a completely different look. It is total brand marketing.

Using these cups at giveaways, raffles, fundraisers, and promotional events will generate tons of interest for your school or department! Students will surely use these cups to sip on their favorite coffee or soda while in class, at work, or on-the-go! And with the unique dual imprint design area, the Spirit Tumblers will undoubtably catch the attention of any one around them.

The Spirit Tumbler is available in as a 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz cup. There are 12 different colors available (clear, purple, aqua, blue, red, graphite, tangerine, apple, green, fuchsia, and pineapple) as well as 12 fun and interesting full wrap stock designs to choose from!

To see the full list of stock designs, click HERE. Or for more information about the Spirit Tumbler contact us at 414.831.0184n or by email.

The Vornado Water Bottle

Water bottles make great promotional products. With everyone going Green nowadays, water bottles are the perfect gift for giveaways because they are reusable, eco-friendly, and just plain handy to have. There are thousands upon thousands of different water bottles out there to choose from, so we asked our staff what water bottle they thought was best.

The 32oz Vornado Tritan was hands down one of our favorite picks!

clear royal pink orange green

The Vorando water bottle is great for many reasons. It has a sleek and modern shape that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. The water bottle easily fits in the cup holder of a car, the water bottle holder on a bicycle, or can be thrown into a gym bag without hesitation. The screw on lid fits tightly and securely, which reduces the likelihood any unwated leakage.

The Vornado is 100% BPA free and is made from new Tritan copolyester (the same material that Nalgene’s are made of!). They are available in nine fun colors: apple, aqua, blue, clear, fuchsia, graphite, purple, red, and tangerine. This water bottle also boasts a large imprint area that will showcase any artwork as a bold statement.

Our Account Manager, Jackie Marcello, is a huge fan of the Vornado Tritan water bottle! She loves its modern look and talks about how people often comment on its design when they see it. Check out what she has to say in our Products We Love Video Showcase!

For more information about this product or to request a sample contact us at 414-831-0184 or by email.