Back To School!

It is a well known fact that college students love anything that is free (and we mean love!). Students will flock to basically any event that offers them a chance to either eat free food or get free stuff.  And the back to school season is one of the prime times in which they go out hunting for these items.  Thus, their innate love of free things is the perfect way for you to promote your school, department, club, etc.!

Although there are thousands of different products on our website that would be great for any giveaway, we have compiled a list of five fun, useful, and inexpensive promotional products that college students are sure to love for this back to school season.

1. The Frisbee

Red and Blue Star FrisbeeBecause the back to school season starts late August/early September for most schools, the weather is still warm and enjoyable for outside activities. Frisbee’s are a great item that students will love to use outside during the rest of the fall months!  The Ultimate Flyer frisbee starts at only $0.93 and is a professional style flyer that weighs 117 grams. It is perfect to toss around at a beach, park, or even in your backyard!

2. Lip Balm

Chilis and FedEx Branded Lip Balm Samples

Lip balm is great for the active student on-the-go. Starting at only $0.77, the SPF 15 lip balm in a clear tube has a  2 5/8″ x 5/8″ diameter and is a handy accessory that will protect you from getting sunburnt lips!

3. Sunglasses

Sunglass Color Samples

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, the throwback shades are back! And they are perfect for the back to school season! Sunglasses are the ultimate college student accessory. Available in a variety of different funky colors and starting at $0.99, you cannot go wrong with these shades.

4. The Water Bottle

Dietary Services Water Bottle Sample

Everyone needs to stay hydrated, but not all college kids are willing to go out and buy themselves a nice water bottle.  The 28 ounce transparent water bottle is great for students and is molded from a food-safe, BPA free material. This product starts at only $1.40 and custom colors are available!

5. T-shirts

Model in Ash Grey TshirtAlthough t-shirts are a very common and obvious promotional gift, we are reccomending them because they are just so popular with college students! Kids just love any type of free clothing. The Gliden Ultra Blend t-shirt is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend and is available in a wide variety of colors. Sizes range from S-3XL.

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Top Five Bookbags For Under Five Dollars

Summer is nearly half over and the school year is approaching quickly!  With the influx of incoming freshman and all of the returning students on the horizon, we know that bookbags are a hot go-to promotional item right now. Not only are bookbags perfect to give to your school’s incoming freshman, they also make a great welcome back gift for a department’s returning students,  as well as a fun, yet practical gift for all of those hard working Teaching Assistants.  But with all of the different types, styles and brands of bookbags out there, how do you choose which bag is best?

Well, we have the solution.

We have selected the top five bookbags, for under five dollars.  So whether you are looking for those handy little drawstring backpacks, the stylish sling bags, or those functional messenger bags with lots of pockets, we have the best styles and deals for you to choose from.

The Small Hit Sports Pack

Exposed Salon Sample Sports Pack

A typical, yet durable drawstring backpack, perfect for all of those incoming freshman.  Made of 210 denier nylon, this backpack is a small, but functional.  Available in a wide range of colors and starts at only $1.23.

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The Poncho Cinchpack Kit

Reid Park Zoo Poncho Cinchpack

This bag is not your typical, run-of-the-mill drawstring backpack! The Ponch Cinchpack is made of non-woven material and offers a large front pocket with a Velcro closure, as well as a handy key loop on top, and mesh siding. The bag also includes a bonus rain poncho, tucked away in a pocket on its back panel! Available in different colors and starts at $3.98.

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The Wave Mono Pack

Young Womens Alliance Wave Mono Pack

A great sling pack for everyday use! Comes equipped with two zippered compartments, an adjustable shoulder strap, pen loop on the front side of the bag, and a mesh water bottle pocket on the side. Made of 300d polyester and is 11.5”x16”x5”. The Monopack is available in different colors and starts at $4.07.

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The Accent Messenger Bag

Sample Accent Messenger Bag

Starting at only $2.55, this multi-purpose bag is great for those dedicated teaching assistants or graduate students. Made of durable non-woven material and available in different colors, this bag features a large main compartment (big enough for a 14” laptop), a multi-function organizer, and a mesh water bottle pocket on front.

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Attune Messenger Bag II

C-Span Radio Attune Messenger Bag

A sporty yet professional messenger bag. This more spacious bag comes equipped with both an adjustable shoulder strap and a top grab handle. Made of plastic materials and has an interior multi-function organizer with a front flap velcro closure. Available in different colors and starts at $4.47.

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Please feel free to contact us with any further questions and inquiries about the products listed in this blog.